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New Hampshire Republican voters are relishing crowded field

New Hampshire's voters relish wide-open 2016 GOP field

Republican Jeb Bush to visit Germany, Estonia, Poland

Exclusive - U.S. Republican Jeb Bush to visit Germany, Estonia, Poland

Egypt and Saudi Arabia discuss maneuvers as Yemen battles rage

Egypt and Saudi Arabia discuss manoeuvres as Yemen battles rage

Al-Qaida in Yemen takes massive weapons depot from army

Union might postpone vote seeking to organise Boeing's South Carolina plant

Union might postpone vote seeking to organize Boeing's South Carolina plant

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

Attention turns to vote-counting on immigration

Senate passes farm bill, moving debate to House

Congressmen find few Boston attack clues in Russia

Advocates criticize Senate immigration bill

New England keeps its stride after 2 tragedies

Congressmen in Russia to investigate Boston attack

AP sources: Obama to name ex-Bush aide to head FBI

SC's ex-Gov. Sanford clears hurdle in comeback bid

The Onion apologizes for offensive actress tweet

Domenici acknowledges having son outside marriage

Gov. Deal suspends DeKalb school board members

Pelosi: Right to Vote Must Be for All Americans

Unyielding GOP politicians doing what voters ask

Ga. lawmakers OK crackdown on so-called pill mills

Fate of Va. uranium mining rests with McDonnell

Calif. lawmakers split on Mickelson's tax comment

Calif. gov pitches water tunnel project to farmers

Another survivalist development in Idaho?

What's a filibuster look like? Not Jimmy Stewart

Proposed East Coast uranium mine dividing Va.

Tourists baffled, angry as Statue of Liberty shut

VW letter to US workers confirms talks with UAW

Analysis: Strike on Syria could trigger retaliatory attacks, cyberwar

California Democrats likely to stay moderate course despite majority

Obama officials: Rule won't kill coal-fired power

Clashes erupt as Islamists push back in Egypt

Global travel warning: US cites al-Qaida threat

GOP in key states tries to slow anti-abortion push

Top EU diplomat calls for inclusive Egypt politics

Democrat Michelle Nunn enters Ga.'s US Senate race

Immigration bill clears Senate test

Southern states gird for new fight on voter laws

Obama nominating Comey as FBI director

Grand Canyon opens in state, fed nat'l parks deal

Bork nomination fight altered judicial selection

Tough choices if Obama wins but loses popular vote

Ryan's challenger campaigns against ... no one

Ryan's challenger campaigns against ... no one

2-year-old boy killed at Pa. zoo exhibit

Football game brings some relief from storm damage

1 in 4 Spaniards out of work at end of 3rd quarter

Winners and losers from Gaza fighting

A paint-by-numbers portrait of changing nation

To hero-astronaut Armstrong, moonwalk 'just' a job

Isaac nears New Orleans, floods rural La. levee

'Solid South' no longer just all-red or all-blue

Ranchers lose hope drought aid will come in time

Missouri congressman fights to save GOP Senate bid

Spending missteps make Brown tax plan a hard sell

Urban voters seek more campaign talk of gun crime

When presidents die, power transfer can be fraught