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Anti-government protest in Albania's capital

Bruised Venezuelan opposition may make headway in 2015

Venezuelan leader wraps up 'superpowers' with 28 laws

Portuguese police detain ex-premier in fraud case

France's Hollande made left-wing voters feel betrayed: ex-partner

Former minister-in-exile to take top job in independent Kosovo

France's Hollande made left-wing voters feel betrayed - ex-partner

Sarkozy hopes to crush party rivals in French come-back test

Europe's season of political discontent rung in by UKIP victory

Sympathy for Chavez a factor in Venezuela politics

Dissent hits Greek coalition before austerity vote

China in big push against opinion-leading blogs

France's Socialists under fire over tax hikes

Venezuela inflation data questioned by economists

France expels girl to Kosovo after class trip

Bachelet softens reform promises before Chile vote

NSA debate pits far left, right against the middle

Quelle surprise! France and EU no longer buddies

Hungary aims to close IMF office, repay loan early

Venezuela's Maduro bolstered by election results

How will it end? Portugal seeks bailout closure

Cyprus approves first post-bailout budget

Margaret Thatcher in her own words

Labor finds itself without a homeland to defend

Economic policies roil Venezuela car market

Michelle Bachelet says she's going back to Chile

Even after death, Chavez gets choice of successor

Nicolas Maduro, loyal spokesman, to succeed Chavez

Chavez death: Venezuelans in US hopeful of change

France warned on missing deficit targets

Obama and Hollande bust anti-French cliches

UN panel finds crimes against humanity in North Korea

Euroskeptic election surge gives EU a headache

Germany's Gabriel says open to debate on EU deficit rules

Belgians prepare for another standoff after polls

EU election: 'This time it's different', or maybe not

Correction: European Elections story

In socialist Venezuela, a threat from the left

Panama president-elect promises price controls

Venezuela's Maduro meets opposition as death toll from protests rises

Students give Easter twist to dwindling Venezuela protests

Egypt vote a two-man race between ex-army chief, leftist

Throngs of Venezuelans march despite Carnival holiday

Amid protests, Venezuela to remember late Hugo Chavez

Cyprus privatization bill backed in second vote

Hollande to pursue reforms despite French local vote thump

Hollande faces host of headaches on return from holiday

Grim French growth outlook a new blow for Hollande