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Boehner won't decide on Senate security bill until it passes

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Netanyahu declines U.S. Democrats' invitation for meeting during visit

Netanyahu declines Democrats' invitation for meeting during visit

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Senate panel backs Loretta Lynch as attorney general

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Obama says he would veto immigration repeal

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Democrat O'Malley keeps White House option, rules out Senate

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Homeland Security funding deal elusive as new deadline nears

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Veteran Democratic Sen. Mikulski won't seek re-election

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Protests after right-to-work hearing cut off

Longest serving woman in US Congress won't seek re-election

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Kerry agrees Russians are lying about Ukraine

Former Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa opts out of Senate bid

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California taxpayers billed $40,000 for events

Pelosi calls for Democrats to support bill

O'Malley won't seek Mikulski seat, keeps White House option

VA chief backs outside medical care as new program falters

US avoids Homeland Security shutdown

House Republicans to decide on Homeland Security funding

GOP leaders are struggling to show they really are in charge