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Lambie to make decision on PUP split

Senate calls on NSW Govt to reverse Newcastle rail line decision

PUP senator Jacqui Lambie yet to make decision about whether to split from...

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Lambie warned going it alone will be difficult

Church leaders arrested after protest at senator Michaelia Cash's office

Kate Lundy to retire at next federal election

Lobbyists swayed Lambie, says Palmer

Lambie to take ADF pay deal fury to PM

Johnston censured, but has 'full confidence' of PM after canoe comments

Defence minister censured for ASC smear

Liberal Party members urging Lambie not to split from PUP: staffer

Jacqui Lambie denies Clive Palmer claim she 'infiltrated' Palmer United...

Jacqui Lambie quits PUP to become independent

US Senate to hold civil rights hearing after Ferguson

Cut ciggie tax, David Leyonhjelm urges government

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Senate saves health agency from the axe

Baby Ferouz lawyers lobby PUP, Lambie as court reserves asylum decision

David Johnston backtracks on 'canoe' remarks towards Australian Submarine...

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie vows to fight against a poppy industry...

Senate backs incarceration target, funding for Aboriginal interpreters...

US senators call for airbag data from Takata

Direct Action gets the final nod

Counter-terrorism laws pass Senate

Leyonhjelm tries to stop co-operatives being exempt from port access code

Johnston regrets submarine comments

Senate inquiry backs migration law changes

Lambie calls for meeting with PM over Defence Force pay

In blow to tax negotiators, Obama threatens veto

Barnaby Joyce frustrated with Leyonhjelm over port code disallowance motion

Obama to Republican critics on immigration: 'Pass a bill'

Defence personnel not worse off: David Johnston

Top Democrat says Obama focus on healthcare in 2009 was mistake

Johnston 'wouldn't trust' Australian Submarine Corp to build a canoe

Analysis: Veto gives Obama edge on immigration

Leaked ABC review: No way savings could be made without show cuts

Agriculture Department admits it doesn't know exactly who pays levies

Budget, not spin, is govt problem: Shorten

Senator Rand Paul calls for declaration of war against Islamic State: NYT

Co-payment isn't dead, Abetz says