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Lambie to make decision on PUP split

Lambie warned going it alone will be difficult

PUP senator Jacqui Lambie yet to make decision about whether to split from...

Lambie to take ADF pay deal fury to PM

Counter-terrorism laws pass Senate

New bid to legalise same-sex marriage

Scott Morrison granted broad new powers

Jacqui Lambie denies Clive Palmer claim she 'infiltrated' Palmer United...

Baby Ferouz lawyers lobby PUP, Lambie as court reserves asylum decision

Lambie calls for meeting with PM over Defence Force pay

Senate inquiry backs migration law changes

Defence pay deal under review: Tony Abbott

Jacqui Lambie quits PUP to become independent

Morrison pushes ahead with TPV bill

Co-payment isn't dead, Abetz says

Budget, not spin, is govt problem: Shorten

Top Democrat says Obama focus on healthcare in 2009 was mistake

Obama to Republican critics on immigration: 'Pass a bill'

Obama defends moves on immigration

Stymied? Republicans seek immigration response

Republicans step up offensive on Obama's immigration order

White House: Immigration steps would boost wages

GP co-payment 'back to the drawing board'

Republicans' next clash with Obama: Iran nuclear talks

Obama 'sabotages' bipartisan immigration policy, Boehner says

For Obama, a long road to immigration order

Obama seeks support for immigration plan, blasts Boehner

For Obama, a long to road to immigration order

Schumer to Dems: Make government help workers

Italy's Renzi clears hurdle in parliament on labor law

Obama awards Medal of Freedom to 18, including Streep, Wonder