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Wisconsin Senate approves right-to-work bill, sends to state Assembly

Pelosi: Mr. Speaker, Get a Grip - Give Us a Vote

Argentina set to revamp intelligence agency in wake of prosecutor's death

House Republicans advance plan for security funding extension

Reid: Terrorists Have Money, Why Shouldn't DHS

Pelosi calls for Democrats to support bill

U.S. bill would require congressional review of any Iran deal

Senate Republican offers plan to avert security funding crisis

U.S. Senate votes to clear path for security agency funding

Deadline near, deal sets up Homeland Security vote in Senate

Republicanleaders struggle to show they really are in charge

House GOP weighs new approach on Homeland Security

GOP leaders are struggling to show they really are in charge

Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline, leaving it in limbo

Jindal tells GOP Congress to 'grow a spine' on DHS funding

U.S. conservatives urge Boehner to hold firm on immigration

Congress passes one-week spending fix for domestic security agency

Defying GOP, Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

Congress averts security agency shutdown with one-week spending fix

US avoids Homeland Security shutdown

Obama bids farewell again to Attorney General Eric Holder

Young girl's story may lead Idaho to approve marijuana oil

Medical pot proposal passes first test in conservative Utah

Capitol Hill Buzz: Pelosi teases Reid with dark glasses

Obama Bids Farewell to Attorney General Holder

U.S. Internet providers hit with tougher rules, plan challenges

High court case threatens independent electoral map drawers

Obama steps up pitch for trade, exports, targets Democrats

Justices hear challenge to independent electoral map drawers

US sanctions bill on NKorea passes legislative hurdle

California's plastic bag ban suspended by ballot referendum

Obama open to changes to military authority against IS

Obama struggles with Wall Street to woo Democrats over broker rules

Lawmaker asks if swallowed camera be used for female exam

Competitors hungry for Seminole blackjack deal to expire

Regulators approve tougher rules for Internet providers

Pot fight between DC Mayor, Congress could cost the city

Right-to-work court battles look tough for unions

Asian shares rise after Yellen stresses policy flexibility

BC-AP News Digest 6:30 pm

Obama nominates Pritzker, Froman for economic jobs

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

Between economy and trouble, Obama approval steady