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Tax extenders expected to win U.S. Senate approval within days

Famed stadium may become part of national park

Senate passes funding extension to avert government shutdown

US House approves $1.1 trillion spending bill

McConnell: Keystone First Order of Business

US Congress extends dozens of tax breaks

Former big league player becomes a US ambassador

Oil pipeline to top US Senate agenda next year

Keystone pipeline to top Senate agenda next year

First job for new Republican Senate is Keystone XL: McConnell

Deadline drama as US Senate bickers over spending bill

U.S. Senate leader Reid hopes for budget approval Friday

Senate approves Obama pick for surgeon general

Senate OKs nominees and tax bill as term ends

Senate OKs nominees and tax bill as term nears end

Obama welcomes US House approval of spending bill

U.S. terrorism insurance bill killed by objections in Senate

AP Interview: McConnell wants to stop coal rules

Senate passes funding extension to avert government shutdown

U.S. Congress readies new sanctions on Russia

Senate to take up $1.1T bill to keep US govt open

Obama likely to sign two bills that could impact arms sales

Liberia court rejects petition to halt Senate vote over Ebola

CIA lied about torture, Senate report suggests

UN peacekeepers fire at protesters in Haiti

US Congress moves to approve Russia sanctions, arms for Ukraine

Senate Endgame to Pass Spending Bill Thwarted by Late-Night Spat

US Senate backs anti-IS spending

113th Congress ends with more fights than feats

Haiti president meets with opposition amid unrest

Congress sends Obama $1.1 T spending bill

Obama getting $1.1 T spending bill from Congress

Republicans blame Cruz for year-end confirmations

Kerry to meet Russia's Lavrov in Rome on Monday