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End impunity for violence in central Nigeria

Series of bombings in Baghdad area kill dozens

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C.Africa president asks France to stay till polls

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Central African sugar factory reopens amid strife

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Islamists sought to turn Lebanon into Iraq: army chief

Modi says al Qaeda will fail in India

Myanmar president visits riot-hit western state

Militant rise galvanizes Assad's camp in Syria war

Jordan critic charged with incitement, insulting king

UN says 935,000 flee conflict in Central Africa

African nations meet to raise cash for C.Africa force

Iraqi soldiers retake control of Sunni town

US sanctions 4 Hezbollah militants across Mideast

Iraq sees highest monthly death toll in 5 years

Wave of car bombings in Iraq kills at least 58

Myanmar jails man for attack that sparked rioting

Lebanon issues arrest warrant for Syrian official

Jordan-Israel relations in crisis over al-Aqsa mosque strife

One dead as troops fire on Central African protesters

Chadian civilians flee attacks, threats in C.Africa capital

France tries to rewrite its role in Africa

Wave of bombings hit Baghdad as 29 killed nationwide

Reactions to developments in Egypt

Iraqi death hints of Iran's role in Syrian crisis

UN urges Myanmar to probe sectarian killings

Chad's Deby lays down the law for Central African Republic

Bangui hand grenade attack in market injures four

Children are new targets in Central Africa's conflict

C.Africa leader urges international crackdown on violence

Ships move into Gulf as US lays out goals for Iraq

Humiliation at rout hits Iraqi military hard

Crisis-hit Iraq turns to Shiite militias for support

Iraq: Al-Maliki calls vote 'slap' to terrorism

UN warns of health crisis brewing in west Myanmar

Radical threat unites Lebanese and strange allies behind army

President Obama's speech on Islamic State strategy

Correction: Iraq story

Human rights groups decry Myanmar ethnic strife

Several countries warn citizens against travel to Lebanon

Lebanese, Syrian officials indicted in bomb plot

Iraq instability tested further with bombing wave

Lebanese troops disperse Sunni protesters