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European scientists hear "noises" from comet lander Philae

SMS alerts cut deaths from elephants in rural India

Scientists 'confident' comet lander will wake up

Polar bear numbers down 40% in parts of Arctic

Study: Polar bears disappearing from key region

2014 becoming warmest year on record

Bats may hold henipavirus threat for W Africa: study

China researchers plan Mars mission 'around 2020'

ESA comet team detects organic molecules, basis of life on Earth

Scientists study rare tapeworm living in man's brain

Schker-blop! The sound of a comet touchdown

Small volcanoes could slow global warming

Lost languages leave a mark on the brain

Banking culture creates the crooks

Researcher who found cause of Lyme disease dies

Carbs more harmful than saturated fats: study

Researchers to hold talks on lead contamination in Broken Hill

Lost languages leave a mark on the brain

Airbus wins contract for U.S. space capsule Orion

Search continues at ancient Greek burial mound

Erotica galore at London's first study of sex show

Murray-Darling bird population at risk

Comet probe 'sniffed' organic molecules: early data

US report: Grouse needs wider buffer from drilling

Adventures of European comet lander may not be over

Active Alaska volcano calms down _ for now

First humans settled on Tibetan Plateau 3,600 years ago

Peru attacks illegal mining ahead of climate talks

The Kimberley battling the cost of intense and frequent fires

Scientists say research showing high levels of methane gas in CSG fields...

Scientists developing lolly flavoured grape varieties

Ernest Hemingway's grandson calls for end of US-Cuba embargo

Citizen scientists surveying Canberra's gang-gang cockatoos

Tags on fish may act as 'dinner bell' for seals

Des Moines struggling with nitrates in water

Tunisian wins Muslim beauty pageant, calls for free Palestine

Early tests don't find tainted water from oil boom

Tasmania's three poppy processors will start research on a devastating...

Australian researchers to study corpses at 'body farm'

Researchers work to save endangered reptiles

Obama picks NTSB member as new auto safety chief

Utah lawmaker questions city water going to NSA

Israel cabinet votes on enshrining 'Jewish state' in law

Study finds virus likely cause of sea star wasting

WHO braces for bird flu spread in European poultry

Broken Hill's lead contamination problem contemporary, not just historic,...

Saudi Arabia tackles MERS virus, still hunting source

Surrogate sushi: Japan biotech for bluefin tuna

Mexico's president to reveal details of his wealth

Influx of cheap Peruvian quinoa riles Bolivia

Gambling companies step up efforts to sway addiction debate

Israeli strike threat 'diplomatic card' against Iran: experts

New Egypt comic artists push limits of expression

World's first oil well still bubbling up black gold in Poland

20% hike in annual catch agreed for bluefin tuna