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Comet lander's measurements weaken space magnetism theory

Sunken aircraft carrier rediscovered off California coast

Prominent energy scientist dies age 96

Spacecraft circling Mercury will crash into planet

Fish in suspected tsunami debris boat quarantined in US

Fish found in suspected tsunami debris boat quarantined

Scientists: 3 wolves remain at Isle Royale National Park

Q&A on the Gulf, resilient but scarred 5 years after spill

Plight of imperiled Montana insect draws lawsuit

Gulf health 5 years after BP spill: Resilient yet scarred

Gray whales' Pacific crossing leads to questions of origin

Snap, crackle, pop - study reveals secret behind knuckle-cracking

Academics rate women job applicants higher than identical men: study

Today in History

Unprecedented germ diversity found in remote Amazonian tribe

India's rising tiger numbers may be victory only on paper

Study: High school smoking fell as e-cigarette use boomed

Bird flu outbreak spreads to 3 more US Midwest turkey farms

Romania to make special flak jackets for its female soldiers

Gulf Scarred, Resilient 5 Years After BP Spill

Chef Homaro Cantu, who blended science and food, dies

A dog's life: study reveals people's hormonal link with tail-waggers

Conservationists praise U.S. regulators vote to end sardine season

Amazonian tribe study shows how human bodily bacteria is changing

Bird flu outbreak spreads to 3 more Midwest turkey farms

Bird flu spreads to Iowa turkey flock 6th Midwest state

Hawaii governor says telescope-construction timeout extended

Almost 40 tons of dead fish removed from Rio Olympic rowing venue

Those puppy eyes can help a dog bond with owner

Arrest of party treasurer could affect Brazil president

Bon Jovi, charities open hunger center at New Jersey shore

Experts remove whale carcass near San Francisco

Political battles bring more powers to England's north

Vast Iraqi Shiite cemetery grows with Islamic State war dead

User mistakes aid most cyber attacks, Verizon and Symantec studies show

TechBits: Analyzing medical data, breaking smartphones

Conversion rate lags behind Mormon missionary increase

Clinton's 2016 White House launch contrasts with her 2008 bid

The Latest: White House hopefuls gather in New Hampshire

Feds: Many causes for dramatic bee disappearance

Sun unleashes strongest solar flare of 2013 so far

Budget cuts pare real-time monitoring of volcanoes

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

Power of Moore tornado dwarfs Hiroshima bomb

Breastmilk fights infant infections: study

Study: Cockroaches Survive by Losing Sweet Tooth

New reports suggests global warming could be slower than first thought

What do we eat? New food map will tell us

Families Begin Returning to Their Homes in Moore

It is rocket science, as SA firm expands operation

Loving parents can overcome risky genes

Cockroaches quickly lose sweet tooth to survive

LinkedIn looks to build on its impressive resume

Big 4 cellphone carriers unite on anti-texting ads

AP IMPACT: Commander of Nazi-led unit lives in US

CSIRO job cut fears

Cuba girds for climate change by reclaiming coasts

NY judge: Fed plan for morning-after pill sales OK

Australian marathon swimmer Chloe McCardel sets off on record attempt

NRL and AFL bosses miss Senate hearing

US court says human genes cannot be patented

Antarctic melting 10 times faster than 600 years ago

Qld researchers 'cure' breast cancer in mice

Correction: Kenya-Sandal Animals story

New Camera Captures Bug's Eye View

NASA craft's planet-hunting days may be numbered

Vital coastal carbon capture systems under threat

Stem cells recovered from cloned human embryos

Former ASADA chief expects more waiting