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Egypt opposition urges more protests

Egypt's opposition leaders under investigation

New Egyptian petition: Run, General, run

Millions rally in Egypt, responding to army call

Hotlines mark return of Egypt's security agencies

Egypt to put 20 Al-Jazeera journalists on trial

Rocket near Beirut brings Syrian war closer

Rivalries complicate arms pipeline to Syria rebels

Syria army deals severe blow to rebels in key town

G-8 seeks unity on Syrian peace talks, tax evasion

Syrian rebels capture major checkpoint in south

Egypt's interim president vows to protect country

Video shows kidnapped Egyptian security officers

Egyptian judges suspend talks with president

Egypt Brotherhood leader denies inciting violence

Egypt proceeds with judiciary law despite uproar

Egyptian Jewish leader buried in rundown cemetery

Activist to be tried for insulting Egypt president

Egypt's Brotherhood blasts UN women's document

Cairo's musical heart, Mohammed Ali Street, fades

Egypt police confiscate rights group's publication

Behind landslide, a generation divide in Egypt

El-Sissi says he donates half his wealth to Egypt

Egypt: Al-Jazeera reporters plead for release

Egyptians take quarrel over charter to the polls

Egypt's Morsi: constitution dawn of new republic

Egypt's pope urges Copts to 'not be afraid'

US aims for trial of Benghazi suspect held on ship

Egypt stock market plunges on reports of new taxes

President-elect to Egyptians: 'Time to work'

Egypt President defends recent price hikes

Egypt sentences 7 to life for sexual assaults

Egypt's el-Sissi promises progress in 2 years

Arab states back new UN appeal by Palestinians

Egypt journalist gets 6-month suspended sentence

Egypt's president issues law restricting protests

Blast hits near military facility in north Egypt

Egyptian student dies during protests at campus

Powerful bombing at Egypt police station kills 15

Hezbollah says it will keep fighting in Syria

In Egypt bloodshed, dozens of Morsi backers killed

Syrian rebels reeling from loss of Qusair

Unrest in Egyptian city draws in military

After violence, Egypt opposition presses Morsi

UK's Cameron orders probe of Muslim Brotherhood

A test looms for Egypt's new leader: Garbage

Egypt: Most flights back on schedule after strikes

Egypt's tour guides protest lack of security

New protests at Egypt's Al-Azhar university

Egypt's Tahrir Square spruced up for rallies

Egypt's ousted leader talks to family for 1st time

Hezbollah: Syria to supply weapons to militia

Bombs hit Syrian capital amid regime offensive

Egypt prosecutors send ex-president to new trial

Report: Military chief urges Egyptians to vote

Egypt's interior minister won't allow 'militias'

Egyptian steel tycoon jailed for profiteering

Strike, protests hit Egypt's Port Said for 3rd day

Egypt's legislature approves election law

Egypt leader and military chief put tension aside

Correction: Egypt story

Hope for strongman fuels Egypt's el-Sissi campaign

Egyptian official: Gunmen kill policeman on patrol

Hundreds mourn famed Egyptian rights advocate

Murder charges against Egypt's Mubarak dismissed

Egypt: Gunmen kill security official in Cairo

Clashes in Cairo ahead of African Champs Lge final

Egypt's ousted leader Mubarak under house arrest

Egypt judges recommend dissolving the Brotherhood

Egypt's military keeps Morsi's whereabouts secret

EU diplomat seeks a way out of Egypt's crisis

Car bomb strikes military compound in Egypt

General says Egypt should keep to transition plan

Egypt's Mubarak talks for 1st time since detention

Rights groups decry Egyptian media crackdown

Syrian army advances in Qusair and Damascus suburb

Hezbollah, Syrian rebels in worst clash in Lebanon

A more-controlled Morsi appears in Egyptian court

Egypt's el-Sissi visits Coptic pope before Easter

Egypt's Brotherhood says vote is 'null and void'

Egypt criminalizes dishonoring anthem, flag

Pro-military fervor at polls as Egyptians vote

Egypt convicts 4 policemen in deaths of Islamists

Egypt army chief says he will run for president