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Tax Day extra difficult for many US same-sex married couples

Tax Day extra difficult for many same-sex married couples

Chile's Bachelet signs same-sex civil union law

What would happen to their son if something happens to them?

Guam attorney general orders gay marriage to move forward

Gay marriage issue complicates immigration, motherhood

LGBT-rights group urges Guam governor to allow gay marriage

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Same-sex couple on Guam challenge island's marriage laws

Faith guides minister to protest for gay marriage right

Gay mentor, belief in dignity at roots of Kennedy's views

Stories of life, death in US high court gay marriage case

Stories of love, life, death in high court gay marriage case

California couple part of Tennessee gay marriage challenge

Legally married at work, but not at home

After 4 decades in secret, fighting for the next generation

Two Kellys raising baby as loving, if not legal, parents

A long road from high school crush to fight for gay marriage

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Cincinnati man becomes a face of gay marriage movement

Lesbian couple wants to lift obstacles to raising children

As U.S. gay-marriage battle looms, attorneys fight over fees

Youngest MP backs gay marriage

Same-sex couples welcome Del. gay marriage law

Gay marriage becomes legal in New Zealand

Gillard unmoved by NZ gay marriage vote

French protest against gay marriage turns violent

RI Senate leader plays key role in marriage debate

Civil Unions Become Legal in Colorado

PROMISES, PROMISES: When Obama's promises conflict

Tassie makes gay-friendly tourism official

SKorea's gay film maker in news over wedding plans

NSW opposition backs premier's gay stand

Australia urged to follow NZ on same-sex marriage

Gay attack victim in France becomes cause celebre

Gay couples could see windfalls from court action

New Zealand gay marriage bill passes critical test

Obama considers weighing in on gay marriage case

Group 'sorry' Bush wants out of gay-marriage ads

Mercanti trial hears of orgy, drugs, abuse

Obama urges justices to overturn gay marriage ban

Same-sex vote used to pressure Abbott

LA police ID suspect in girl's abduction case

Pa. Sen. Casey says he now supports gay marriage

Abbott gay marriage views bizarre: ALP MP

Column: Other issues in focus as war, economy fade

High court skeptical of federal marriage law

Abbott under pressure on gay marriage

Dozens of detectives investigate LA girl abduction

David Gregory: Pressing guests on 'Meet the Press'

Gay sperm donor, lesbian couple reach agreement

Kan. case reveals risks with assisted reproduction

After Angie, Uschi? - some Germans ponder life after Merkel

Anglicans in Perth vote to recognise same sex relationships with calls for...

UK's Cameron: Conservatives party of opportunity

Tasmania can pass gay marriage law: report

With law against him, Singapore pol says he's gay

Same-sex ruling has employers tweaking benefits

NY official pushes feds to recognize gay marriages

SA same-sex marriage bill defeated

Correction: Gay Marriage-Parades story

Gay marriage: In states, a hodgepodge lies ahead

Federal marriage benefits? Not for everyone

NJ judge pressed to allow gay marriage in state

Ruling a boon for gay couples with foreign spouse

Stars react to Supreme Court gay-marriage rulings

Supreme Court strikes federal marriage provision