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Man last seen with ex-spy chief was Rwandan friend

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Police seeking killer of Rwandan spy chief

Blast hits Hezbollah convoy near Syrian border

Movement grows for Rwanda president to rule longer

Villagers say Rwandan troops crossed into Congo

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Obama calls for immediate truce as Gaza toll soars

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DR Congo needs rebel reintegration plan

Clashes between rebels, army resume in DR Congo

In Rwanda, a deadly fight among the ruling elite

Ex-Rwandan spy chief killing alights allegations

ICC charges Congolese warlord 'The Terminator'

US politician concerned over Rwanda attacks

UN says DR Congo groups must free child soldiers

UN calls for immediate truce as Gaza toll tops 500

South Africa finds four guilty of shooting Rwandan exile

Rebels in Congo reach door of Goma

Congo rebels, army clash at Goma's edge

UN forces fire on east Congo rebels

Syrian opposition urges US to provide weapons fast

South Africa, Rwanda expel diplomats over attack on dissidents

International court detains Rwandan-born warlord

Congo warlord Ntaganda 'key' to ethnic crimes, ICC hears

Slain Rwandan ex-spymaster agreed to scrap bodyguards

Gunmen attack Johannesburg home of Rwanda's ex-general

Kerry gets an earful from angry Syrian refugees

Rebel group: Congo warlord wanted control of M23

Congo war stems from minerals, ethnic animosity

Congolese rebels seize Goma, take airport

DR Congo rebels deny UN accusations of fresh recruitment

Rwanda government: no sympathy for dead spy chief

Makenga, DRC's wily rebel chief seen as war criminal by UN

Official: M23 chief, rebels surrender to Uganda

Rwanda genocide tribunal acquits former general, major on appeal

Decades after genocide, Congo struggles to dislodge rebels

UN Security Council threatens South Sudan leaders with sanctions

Genocide court upholds life terms for Rwanda ex-ruling party bosses

Children among 21 victims of brutal DR Congo attack

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Rwandans told 'never again', 20 years after genocide

Congo army takes M23 rebel stronghold