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Ukraine leader urges pro-Europe drive despite Kremlin pressure

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Anti-gay laws, attitudes hold sway in many regions

Japan PM to attend Sochi Olympics

Russia PM: no amnesty for political prisoners

Elton John tells Russia to end gay prejudice

Freed Khodorkovsky likely to steer clear of politics

Robin Williams dies in apparent suicide, age 63

Actor Robin Williams dead in apparent suicide, aged 63

Robin Williams' most distinctive roles

Russia diverts pension savings to plug budget hole for second year

Dutch FM: Netherlands united in face of plane tragedy

A day after, faces of doomed Malaysia victims emerge

Rebels kill 23 Ukraine troops, shredding truce hopes

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Fox orders shows from Lee Daniels, Spielberg

Russia blocks internet sites of Putin critics

Syria asylum claims in rich nations more than double in 2013: UN

U.S. falls behind in college competition: OECD

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Erdogan sworn in as Turkey president, opposition storms out

'Golden Sanction' to halt Putin in Ukraine has eluded US, EU

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