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Philippines' Aquino promises police commandos extra resources after...

Islamic State must keep expanding to survive: financial report

Islamic State must keep expanding to survive - financial report

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Nurse who survived Ebola says hospital failed her

Nurse Who Survived Ebola Virus to File Lawsuit

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Appeals court upholds protection for threatened seabird

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Texas nurse Pham sues Dallas hospital over Ebola infection

Indian climate chief told to stay away from thinktank after harassment...

Outgoing Namibian president wins $5 million Africa leadership prize

Protests on water taste, smell as city breaks tie to Detroit

China hopes novice environment chief will be breath of fresh air

China hopes novice environment chief will be breath of fresh air

Complex logistics await Lippo's e-commerce push in archipelago Indonesia

Australia economy finds spark of life in consumer spending

Seoul: North Korea test fires 2 short-range missiles

Google selling wireless plans to get more people online

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No plane, many discoveries in yearlong search for Flight 370

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Standard Chartered staff braced for big change under Winters