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Attorney general nominee vote likely this week: U.S. senator

U.S. Senate may face contentious debate on Iran nuclear bill

Senate may face contentious debate on Iran nuclear bill

Senate set to vote Thursday on Lynch nomination for attorney general

Republican Graham says '91 percent' chance he'll run for president

Republicans move to extend spies' power to collect phone data

Talks begin on Capitol Hill budget measure

Bipartisanship breaks out on Capitol Hill _ at least for now

Republicans seen scrapping Ryan Medicare plan in U.S. budget push

Paul, Graham clash on foreign-policy on U.S. campaign trail

US Senate confirms Loretta Lynch as attorney general

Trade bill key to Pacific pact clears Senate panel

Governor signs bill to allow guns in all Tennessee parks

Presidential hopeful Rubio reaches out to gay Republicans

Loretta Lynch Confirmed As Next Attorney General

In Florida's Everglades, Obama wades into climate change politics

Boehner says would welcome deal to ease U.S. spending caps

Senate finally moves to confirm Lynch as attorney general

Presidential contender Marco Rubio seeks support in Iowa

Trafficking deal clears path for US attorney general vote

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Fiorina to launch presidential bid May 4: WSJ

West Virginia's Joe Manchin says he'll run again for Senate

Lawmakers stand by New York Senate leader amid federal probe

GOP hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

New Hampshire Republican voters are relishing crowded field

Here's one White House hopeful who wants to get big money out of politics

New Hampshire's voters relish wide-open 2016 GOP field

In Iowa for Faith &amp Freedom, Republican contenders face tricky balance

With 2 years left, Obama getting tough on critics

Not long ago, Rubio questioned his readiness for presidency

Boehner: OK to swap agency budget boosts for other cuts

Jeb Bush knocks Hillary Clinton over Asia trade talks stance

Capitol Hill Buzz: Senate Democrats discuss 2016 races

Anti-human trafficking bill expected to pass Senate

U.S. Treasury warns Congress currency push could derail Pacific pact

Republican Jeb Bush to visit Germany, Estonia, Poland

Exclusive - U.S. Republican Jeb Bush to visit Germany, Estonia, Poland

Obama: Democratic critics of his trade agenda are 'wrong'

Republican hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

Struggling to remember the name of Jeb Bush's super PAC? Here's why

New York to get nearly $1B loan to make commuter rail safer

Khamenei says Iran nuclear weapons are U.S. 'myth'

Waivers may give next president way out of health care feuds

Longtime Marco Rubio-Jeb Bush alliance fades in GOP contest

For next president, a way out of the health care fights?

Marco Rubio-Jeb Bush alliance sours in GOP primary faceoff

The Latest: Presidential contenders woo New Hampshire voters

US to announce plans to reduce agricultural carbon emissions

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal getting little traction for 2016

Lynch to bring prosecutor's perspective to Justice Dept.

Clinton gives glimpse of how she plans to run as a woman

GOP White House hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

US privacy advocates seek more openness on NSA surveillance

Eric Holder Bids Farewell to Justice Dept.

Attorney general bids farewell after 6-year tenure

Campaigning Clinton has qualms about trade deal

Illinois lawmakers fast-track OKs for Obama, Lucas museums

Clinton's infant granddaughter a touchstone in 2016 campaign