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Republicans seen scrapping Ryan Medicare plan in U.S. budget push

Boehner says would welcome deal to ease U.S. spending caps

Republicans reach deal for budget plan, target Obamacare

U.S. Senate may face contentious debate on Iran nuclear bill

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Fiorina to launch presidential bid May 4: WSJ

Senate may face contentious debate on Iran nuclear bill

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In Iowa for Faith &amp Freedom, Republican contenders face tricky balance

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US to announce plans to reduce agricultural carbon emissions

New York to get nearly $1B loan to make commuter rail safer

As theater shooting trial opens, gun debate dwindles

Utah lawmakers hold study session on police use of force

Michigan governor signs bill to aid Detroit bond sale

Supporters of Senate Iran bill swatting away amendments

Orr to leave Atlantic City emergency management team

Anti-human trafficking bill expected to pass Senate

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Clinton gives glimpse of how she plans to run as a woman

US security officials face questions about gyrocopter stunt

Obama sounds alarm on climate damage in visit to Everglades

Lynch to bring prosecutor's perspective to Justice Dept.

Not long ago, Rubio questioned his readiness for presidency

Bush donors see him lay out contours of 2016 campaign

TransCanada seeks U.S. permit on Upland line as Keystone waits

Attorney general bids farewell after 6-year tenure

Obama: Democratic critics of his trade agenda are 'wrong'

Illinois lawmakers fast-track OKs for Obama, Lucas museums

After drone killings, pressure for a new hostage strategy

Deaths raise questions about ways to aid abducted Americans

DEA chief to retire amid pressure over agents' sex scandal

Michigan vote tests pothole angst vs. will to raise taxes

Kerry says Iran, world powers closer than ever to historic nuclear deal

Obama, Abe putting joint face on trade amid opposition in US

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DEA chief to step down, Congress probes sex party leaks

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Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

Daley set to challenge Democratic governor in Ill.

Border security at issue in immigration bill

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Protecting NYC: mayor's plan, successor's question

Attention turns to vote-counting on immigration

NY woman helps track suspect in dad's 1986 killing

Gun measures put moderate Senate Dems in bind

Projected lower deficit could slow any budget deal

House chairman sees IRS errors as part of pattern

Rios Montt: From army to dictatorship to courtroom

AP Exclusive: IRS knew tea party targeted in 2011

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Browns owner: Family company under criminal probe