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Greek leftist leader Tsipras scores victory over austerity

Greek PM Tsipras freezes privatizations, markets tumble

Greek leftist Tsipras sworn in as PM to fight bailout terms

Greece says will not cooperate with 'troika'

Anti-austerity Greek party wins after crushing victory

Tsipras sworn in as Greece PM to fight bailout terms

Greek leftist leader Tsipras claims victory over austerity

Greek PM Tsipras names anti-austerity cabinet, port sale halted

Greek anti-austerity party holds lead before Sunday elections

Greek far-right lawmakers to make pleas against criminal charges on Tuesday

Greek shipowner released pending trial on embezzlement charges

Greek businessman, ex-Hellenic Postbank officials arrested over bad loans

Jailed Greek far-right leader appears in parliament, hurls abuse

Fearing political crisis, Greece plots escape from bailout

Special Report - From Hungary, far-right party spreads ideology, tactics

Clashes erupt in Athens after protest to mark 2008 police killing

Greek PM appeals to opposition to avert snap elections

Maths works against Greek premier in presidential gambit

Thousands of Greeks march against austerity to mark 1973 uprising

Greek anti-bailout party Syriza cements lead before vote

Greek opposition leader says he would swiftly axe bailout

Greece faces early election after PM loses vote on president

Greek parliament vote in balance after Samaras election offer

Opinion poll lead for Greece's anti-bailout party narrows

Greece's new Potami party prepares for kingmaker role

Greek leftist Syriza party widens lead over conservatives

Greek economy likely to shrink 3 percent in third quarter - finance...

Police fire tear gas as anti-fascist protests in Greece turn violent

Greek lawmakers to start confidence debate, vote expected Friday

Greek budget promises higher growth, tax cuts

Greek police arrest man over alleged attack plans

Analysis - Fearing political crisis, Greece plots escape from bailout