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Syrian opposition members discuss in Cairo Moscow meeting


MP wants senior bankers vetted under new rules

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Israel warns Lebanon, Syria not to allow attacks

Bahrain sentences Shiite activist to jail over tweets

Top US official meets dissidents in Cuba

South Korea Supreme Court upholds sedition ruling against ex-MP

Egypt's Sisi urges new Muslim religious discourse to fight 'terrorism'

Air strikes near Damascus kill 42, including 6 children: NGO

Four years after Egypt revolt, jails clogged with activists

Poland restores PhDs voided by Nazi Germany

Egypt to free 100 students ahead of 2011 revolt anniversary

DR Congo Senate backs down on electoral bill after deadly clashes

Florida Republicans Speak Out Ahead of SOTU

WA police will 'work within law' to target intoxicated skippers

Gunfire in DR Congo as protesters tell Kabila 'get out'

Violence in DR Congo as opposition protests election law

CSG tests under fire at Gloucester AGL site

UBS’s Weber Defends SNB Decision to Abandon Cap on Franc

Ukraine: cutting graft top priority to reach new bailout

Syria starts razing chemical weapons sites

Israel ready for Hezbollah retaliation, says defence minister

Court hears Khmer Rouge slit prisoner throats, ate organs

Data retention laws will help stop corruption, ICAC says

Turkey's porous Syria border no barrier for jihadists

Potato farmers seek formula for higher yields and healthier soils

Sisi defends Egypt police but acknowledges rights abuses

Bahrain opposition leader to go on trial on Jan. 28

Fitter and faster, Kvitova feeling benefit of new set-up

Greek Election Battle in Final Days With Syriza Maintaining Lead

Give Iran diplomacy a chance, Europeans urge Congress

Republicans face uphill battle on net neutrality bill

US gives $6 million to Syria opposition government

Libya's Ansar al-Sharia chief dead: Islamist websites

Australia orders waste dumping ban on Great Barrier Reef

Sri Lanka's new premier promises Tamils more autonomy

BoE says badly run banks face hefty capital surcharge

Greek election battle in final days with Syriza maintaining lead

Sri Lanka to reopen murder probes on new evidence

Banks Bet Speculators to Be Shamed as Denmark Drives Down Krone

Germany's finance minister assures India on eurozone stability