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Obama seeks bigger wilderness designation in Alaska refuge

WA police will 'work within law' to target intoxicated skippers

GOP presses state bills limiting gay rights before ruling

Divisions emerge among Republicans under pressure to govern

General Dynamics sees more demand for 'insider' cyber protection

Divisions emerge among House GOP under pressure to govern

Powerful NY state politician arrested on corruption charges

Turkey proposes tighter internet law, pursues Twitter critic

Congo delays vote on electoral law, West urges revisions

Junk Food and Booze Could Follow Tobacco in Plain Packaging Push

Push for gay protections in Idaho stirs emotional debate

Snooker chiefs push for Olympic recognition

'We're going to kill' Iraq militants who attack Canadian troops: PM

Harper Aims at Canada Taxes and Crime in Pre-Election Parliament

Islamic State recruiting more Australian fighters

Boehner says fixing U.S. infrastructure 'critically important'

Lawmakers hear heated testimony about sex-orientation bill

Katrina Hodgkinson: Nationals strong ahead of March state election

Hillary Clinton declines to take position on Keystone

Argentine president plans to dissolve spy agency after prosecutor's death

Ousted Thai PM banned from politics, faces charges

Ousted Thai PM banned from politics, faces charges

Powerful NY Politician Arrested for Bribery

Key issues and updates on the Keystone XL oil pipeline

AP sources: US not sending Guantanamo detainees to Yemen

Environment Minister questions 'offensive' accusations by ex-staffer

Obama, Republicans rejoin fight over closing Guantanamo

Cameron to Tell Scots He’s Kept His Word as Nationalists Surge

Ousted Thai PM slams impeachment vote

Myanmar to look into monk 'whore' slur after UN reproach

On climate change, 'not a scientist' not enough for some U.S. Republicans

New York speaker absence slowing state budget process