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'Syria gas attack aftermath' video

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Syrian rebels seize historic town in south: monitor

Syrian rebels seize historic town in south - monitor

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Video 'shows gas attack aftermath'

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NEWS GUIDE: The crisis in Yemen

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Former British PM Margaret Thatcher dead

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Hugo Chavez, fiery Venezuelan leader, dies at 58

A look at Hugo Chavez's life

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Central African Republic rebels ignore negotiation

Gulf rulers take sharper aim at Web dissent

Syrian rebels seize parts of strategic air base

C. African Republic leader calls rebels terrorists

Former Sen. Warren Rudman of NH dies at 82

US declares Haqqani network a terrorist body

Sri Lanka's ruling party wins provincial election

Syria regime, opponents dig in ahead of talks

Obama welcomes Colombian President at the White House

Britain announces aid to Central African Republic

Syria regime closes in on strategic rebel-held town

New rebel alliance wants Syria as 'Islamic state'

Iran nuclear deal fuels anger, jitters in Mideast

Nigeria's ruling party 'unruffled by defections'

Syria to attend Geneva but won't hand over power

Syria rebel chief disavows 'alien' Islam of jihadists

Libya PM vows to stay on as Islamists quit cabinet

South Sudan peace talks may be too late to stop war