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Modi land bill delayed amid rising anger in rural India

Syria rebels, regime troops fight in Aleppo prison

Italian policemen shot near new gov't swearing-in

Egypt's Christians celebrate Coptic Easter

Iraq attacks kill 55 less than a week before vote

Christians in Holy Land, Mideast celebrate Easter

Cuban Revolution gets video game treatment

Barbs of racism, anti-Semitism in NY school clash

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Iran shows new urgency to revive nuclear talks

Brazil officials reverse subway, bus fare hike

Opposition condemns Syrian rebel blockade

Pope seeks Catholic rebirth in land of samba

Uganda loses wetland to rose farming business

Egypt: 16 killed in clashes near pro-Morsi rally

Vandalism fails to shake coexistence in Arab town

Tibetan denies official version of cousin's death

Intimate and intense, 'Microtheatre' grips Spaniards

Hollande: expelled 15-year-old can return _ alone

China newspaper dispute sparks petition, protest

UN climate talks in Qatar boost Gulf awareness

Help for blighted suburbs meets French hostility

Up to 11,000 people flee Syria in 24-hour period

Beyond oil battle, sanctions hit Iran's merchants

Brazilians wary over renewed mass beach robberies

Pakistani drone protesters block NATO supply route

Dissent quieted with most Israelis behind Gaza war

Special Report - All work and no pay for thousands in the Balkans

All work and no pay for thousands in the Balkans

Suicide attack escalates Libya violence, oil output slips

Cambodia garment workers struggle to survive

In Ukraine, chaos meets self-declared independence

Obama cracks down on Russia over Ukraine crisis

Turkish PM in fight against shadow enemy

Egypt's Moussa - political future possible for Brotherhood

China asserts paternal rights over Hong Kong in democracy clash

50-state look at how Common Core playing out in US

Attorney General arrives in Ferguson

Building coalition for Syria action no easy matter

High court voids abortion clinic protest-free zone

Ex-Soviet minister and Georgia leader Shevardnadze dies

Singapore match-fixers 'planned to rig World Cup'

Thailand's war-weary southerners fear coup will erode new freedoms

Special Report: The battle for Hong Kong's soul

Australian environmental protester arrested in Malaysia during anti-Lynas...

In China, brutality yields confessions of graft

Plan to move base highlights US problem on Okinawa

China's role in Hong Kong under spotlight after attack on editor

Activists rally to save Berlin Wall relic 25 years on

Hong Kong democracy protests: Live Report

Deadliest attacks by pro-Russian rebels threaten Ukraine truce

China troops withdraw from India border as Xi visit ends

Embattled French government faces key confidence vote

Venezuela airline crisis makes travelers ever more inventive

Ukraine leader says Russia wants to set southeast 'on fire'

'One Heart' radio's rare voice for peace in C.Africa

US expands military support to Poland, Baltic states

Ebola-hit Guinea calls for calm after attack on aid group

Neglected islanders resist plan for Haiti tourism revival

Yanukovych admits 'mistakes' on Crimea

Syria security officials 'sacked' after school bombing

Protest action ramps up at AGL's Gloucester CSG project

Floating football pitch keeps Thai tourist blues at bay

Alaska's local issues play big in fight for Senate

Christian 'blasphemy' couple detained by boss before murder

Hong Kong farmers protest over tycoon land grab