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Ousted Thai PM Yingluck faces political ban in assembly vote

Niger: 45 churches burned in protests that killed 10

Thousands of Spaniards protest proposed security law

Renewed anti-government protests hit Haiti

Chechnya holds huge rally over Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Hebdo in Hebron

Egypt to free 100 students ahead of 2011 revolt anniversary

Thousands protest against Charlie Hebdo in Karachi

Tens of thousands protest Charlie Hebdo in Russia's Caucasus

Thai junta caught between rock and hard place over ex-PM impeachment

Afghans protest French weekly's prophet cover for third day

Report: Iran sees mass demonstrations over Charlie Hebdo

Ousted Thai PM to face criminal charges

Thousands of Palestinians protest Charlie Hebdo Mohammad cartoon

Celebrity involvement in protests can raise the profile of a campaign, or...

Clashes in Indian Kashmir over Mohammed cartoons

Israel Arabs declare nationwide strike after Bedouin deaths

Anti-Charlie Hebdo protesters burn French flag in Afghanistan

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Thousands protest against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan

Bangladesh bans pillion passengers over firebombings

Protests in Nepal after opposition Maoists call for strike

EU calls for calm, respect for election timetable in DR Congo

Merkel vows to uphold protest rights after threat halts anti-Islam demo

Huge anti-Charlie Hebdo rally in Chechnya as protests continue

Clashes erupt in Indian Kashmir over Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Bahrain opposition leader to go on trial on January 28

Bahrain opposition leader to go on trial on Jan. 28

Niger declares three days of mourning after deadly cartoon demos

Gunfire in DR Congo as protesters tell Kabila 'get out'

Violence in DR Congo as opposition protests election law

Miners in Kosovo stage underground protest

Charlie Hebdo protests erupt across southern Asia

Martin Luther King honoured, scattered protests over black deaths by police

Hong Kong Occupy protest leaders arrested

German anti-Islam group vows that it won't be silenced

Sons of Egypt's Mubarak to be released on bail

Germany's PEGIDA leader steps down after 'Hitler selfie'

Thousands rally against Shiite militia in Yemen capital

Muslim scholars urge UN to outlaw 'contempt' of religions

Bahrain sentences Shiite activist to jail over tweets

Bahrain sentences rights activist to six months in jail

Attempts to block book on India's Sonia Gandhi only fueled interest: author

Protests, calls for respect of constitution in Congo election row

1,500 Senegalese march against Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Haiti's new 'consensus' government fails to satisfy opposition

Yemen risks disintegration as south rejects Shi'ite group's takeover