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French parliament euthanasia debate draws protest

Amnesty leads protest against flogging of Saudi blogger

Nepal opposition protests against pushed-through constitution

Palestinian islamists burn French flag in a protest in Gaza City

Australians protest Charlie Hebdo

Capital control

Maduro supporters protest opposition forum

Rahat rally

'Consensus' government fails to end Haiti protests

Islamists burn French flag in Gaza

Niger: 45 churches burned in protests that killed 10

Thousands of Spaniards protest proposed security law

Hong Kong media tycoon arrested over protests

Protests not over at Australian detention center: activists

Renewed anti-government protests hit Haiti

13 dead in Egypt unrest on uprising anniversary: officials

Thousands protest against Charlie Hebdo in Karachi

Radical Islamists try to storm French centre in Gaza

Egypt protester killed on eve of uprising anniversary

Protester killed as Egypt marks revolt anniversary

German city of Dresden braces for anti-Islam protest

15 killed in clashes between Islamists, police in Egypt

Teargas fired at Nigeria school children protest

Kenya: Disputed playground belongs to school, not developer

42 killed in DR Congo protests: rights federation

Teargas fired at Kenya school children protest

Protesters heckle Perry and Christie on immigration issues

Egypt state newspaper calls out president following shooting

Taiwan says China's top official to make first trip back since protests

Thousands protest in Kosovo, demand Serb minister be fired

Iraq confirmed as Asian Cup semi-finalist after Iran protest

Chechnya holds huge rally over Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Take cover

Hebdo in Hebron

DRC opposition calls for people to unite against Kabila

Two Turkish police jailed for 10 years over protester's killing

Kenya playground

DRC Senate backs down on electoral bill after deadly clashes

In Lahore

'I heart Muhammad'

At least 12 dead in Congo in protests over electoral law

Thousands protest abortion in annual rally on National Mall

Egypt to free 100 students ahead of 2011 revolt anniversary

Myanmar protesters march for 'murdered' teachers

Hong Kong media tycoon arrested over protests

Fourty dead in DR Congo protests: Human Rights Watch

Kenyan police fire tear gas at children's playground protest

Thousands of Palestinians protest Charlie Hebdo Mohammad cartoon

Jailed Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel Fattah moved to prison hospital -...

Jailed Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel Fattah moved to prison hospital:...

Clashes in Indian Kashmir over Mohammed cartoons

Israel Arabs declare nationwide strike after Bedouin deaths

Images of shot Egypt protester revive criticism of police

Iran loses protest to overturn Asian Cup loss to Iraq

Thousands protest against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan

Hundreds of thousands protest in Chechnya against Mohammad cartoons

Merkel vows to uphold protest rights after threat halts anti-Islam demo

Iran protesters chant 'Death to France' over cartoon