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Haitians protest to ask president's resignation

Hong Kong police make arrests as last protest site cleared

Graffiti in Mexico

Palestinian protesters

Protesters march through Macau for free leadership elections

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Paris cabs protest ridesharing service Uber

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Protest marks anniversary of Erdogan ministers corruption probe

Protesters demand safety for women on gang rape anniversary

Mexican student protesters vandalize SUV carrying mayor

Water cannons

MQM activist

Pro-government Venezuelans protest US sanctions

Turkish riot police use water cannons, smoke grenades on protesting...

Protest in Miami against US-Cuba rapprochement

Protesters chain themselves to Oakland police station doors

Protesters block roads by Oakland police building

Protesters target Acapulco mayor over missing students

Police brutality protesters rally at Mall

Protesters gather at America's biggest shopping mall

Students say stop

Analyst: Xi's visit to harmonious Macau a 'message' to HK

Turkey football fans on trial for 'seeking to oust Erdogan'

Killings of two New York officers trigger backlash

China leader cautions against external forces

Haiti's PM resigns as protests grow

French PM Valls visits Rennes after vandalism attack

French press freedom NGO protests Eritrean reporters' detention

Yellow umbrella

Los Angeles die-in

NYC rally supporting law enforcement butts heads with opposing protesters

Condemnation of school attack gathers momentum in Pakistan

Clashes in Haiti as anti-government protest turns violent

Turkish football fans on trial for 'coup'

Spaniards protest their nation's proposed security law

Image of Asia: Protesting violence against women

Ferguson wants peace instead of protests, but anger still simmers

Pakistan opposition party rallies in major city

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Labor violation complaints filed against McDonald's

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China MH370 families protest for information on missing plane

Protesters: 'It's not the time' for more Cuba ties