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Prison sex, drugs and bribery scandal shocks Philippines

Japan bank to punish executives over loans to gangsters

US: Navy secrets bought with prostitutes, bribes

Ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer plans NYC comptroller run

Spitzer submits signatures for NYC ballot

US agent to plead guilty in Navy corruption case: report

US Navy commander in court over bribery scandal

Battle for control over Bolshoi escalates

As scandals swell, U.S. defense chief to install ethics officer

Ex-DHS watchdog put on leave after critical report

DHS sec'y puts ex-watchdog on leave after report

Federal Parliament delivers apology over Craig Thomson scandal

Fence-jumper makes it into the White House

White House intruder had 800 rounds of ammunition in car - prosecutor

White House intruder had 800 rounds of ammunition in car - prosecutor

Undoing quick as support vanished for Pierson

US Secret Service chief quits over security breaches

Secret Service in disarray, fueling questions over Obama's safety

Jerry Springer hits the road for Ohio candidate

U.S. investigator of Colombia scandal quits over prostitution case: NYT

FIFA's Garcia, a tough lawyer who pushed back

Aussies sick of AWU scandal story: PM

Cardinal Martini, liberal papal contender, dies

License to boogie: Japan moves to ease dancing ban

White House dismisses report about Colombia prostitution scandal

Spitzer fails in New York political comeback attempt

Voters pass judgment on Weiner, Spitzer comebacks

Prince William's wife Kate on hacker's target list, trial hears

Navy investigator pleads guilty in bribery case

Zhang Ziyi settles libel case against US website

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Key events in the life of Benedict XVI

New pope's views bind simplicity with 'complexity'

Maine man convicted in Zumba prostitution case

Secret Service chief to step down after 30 years

NYC Comptroller's race: borough boss vs. Wall St. sheriff

Beattie's comeback boosts ALP in Qld

Spitzer tells Leno he cares about public service

NCAA opens hearing on U of Miami violations

Secret Service Chief to Step Down This Month

Correction: Zumba-Prostitution story

Singapore businessman convicted in sex-for-fixing case

No sympathy for Thomson from Labor MPs

Wealthy US doctor linked to senator back in news

Ex-madam who ran for New York comptroller pleads guilty to drug charge

Alleged match-fixing kingpin challenges detention

Elite US Secret Service now a punching bag and a punchline

Ousted Haitian dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier dies

Singapore football fixing suspect fails in detention plea

US Zumba teacher in prostitution bust leaves jail

US Secret Service agents misbehaved in 17 countries

Japan bank executives 'knew about gangster loans'

Sports stars could sideline Labor on the NSW central coast

Many NY voters embarrassed by Weiner, Spitzer

NYC comptroller debate: Spitzer to work for a dollar, Stringer sings

Ex-Gov. Spitzer, now a candidate, meets NYC voters

Spitzer awaits outcome in New York political comeback attempt

Court orders political ban for Italy's Berlusconi

'Blue' arrives in US with praise, whiff of scandal

Pope Francis: A humble image, but complex past

Maine man gets 20 days in Zumba paid-sex case

Lawyers clash over term 'pimp' in Maine Zumba case

Business as usual for Menendez amid investigations

Woman in Berlusconi sex trial denounces tactics

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Julie Gayet: French president's actress lover