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Turkish PM: Iraqi Kurdistan stability 'very important' to Turkey

Portugal's ex-PM Socrates arrested in corruption probe

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Former Portuguese prime minister arrested in corruption investigation

Former PM charged with corruption

Howard to join coalition campaign

Judith Ivey to play Thatcher in 'The Audience'

Polish, German leaders mark key reconciliation

Portuguese ex-premier kept in jail amid fraud case

The trials of Portugal's Socrates

Lambie to take ADF pay deal fury to PM

Turnbull has thrown PM under a bus: Labor

Thai junta chief says has not 'damaged' country, rights group disagrees

Church leaders arrested after protest at senator Michaelia Cash's office

Summer will be hot, says Abbott, but no mention of climate change

Thai king meets PM, ministers easing health concerns

Street protests in Burkina Faso prompt minister's resignation

Former minister-in-exile to take top job in independent Kosovo

Sao Tome ex-president's son returns to prime minister's job

Victoria election 2014: Tony Abbott says state will not receive...

Obama telephones Pakistan's Sharif

Japan's lower house dissolved for snap election

Portuguese ex-prime minister held in tax fraud probe

Turkey bans reporting on corruption investigation of ex-ministers

Pakistan court orders former PM charged in Musharraf case

Portugal reeling from corruption inquiry

India PM's estranged wife 'concerned' about security cover

Defence minister censured for ASC smear

Transitional government appointed in Burkina Faso

Iraqi premier orders help for fighters battling Islamic State

Martial law to stay in Thailand - minister

Australian defence minister back-paddles on canoe comment

Voices: Japan's vote is all about political timing

Abbott probably regrets pre-election ABC pledge: Liberal MP

Abbott probably regrets pre-election ABC pledge: Liberal MP

Abbott probably regrets pre-election ABC pledge: Liberal MP

Portuguese police detain ex-premier in fraud case

Burkina PM pledges reforms after new government's first meeting

David Johnston backtracks on 'canoe' remarks towards Australian Submarine...

Gov treating people like mugs on ABC - Opposition

Portugal ex-PM Socrates still in custody, more questioning Monday

Israeli government in turmoil over 'Jewish State' law clash

Portugal ex-PM Socrates still in custody