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Greece PM confident ahead of Sunday's vote

Greek leftists Syriza extend poll lead two days before election

Greek radical leftists widen lead ahead of Sunday's vote

Greek leftists Syriza extends poll lead as election day nears

Samaras concedes defeat, says Greeks 'have spoken'

Tsipras enters PM's office for first time

Euro falls after Greek exit polls show Syriza win

Greeks prepare to head to polls

Thousands celebrate leftwing Syriza victory in general election

Greek election battle in final days with Syriza maintaining lead

Greek Election Battle in Final Days With Syriza Maintaining Lead

Greece votes on whether to dump austerity, take on lenders

Exit poll shows Greece's Syriza with strong lead in election

Tsipras Forges Anti-Austerity Coalition in Challenge to EU

Samaras Pledges No More Cuts for Greeks in Battle Against Syriza

Abe angered at hostage video, says Japan won't bow to terrorism

ECB Bond-Buying Will Make Europe’s Leaders Smile, Stubb Says

Greece's Syriza party widens lead as election looms, polls show

Greek radical left wins election, threatening market turmoil

EU Starts Search for Greece Deal After Tsipras Takes Power

Greek Socialists open to Syriza as part of wider alliance

Germany's finance minister says no Greek euro exit modelled

Greeks Go to the Polls

EU Seeks to Keep Greece in Euro After Tsipras Wins Power

Greece Votes as All Europe Looks On: A Guide to the Process