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Tight security for Lee funeral

Peru's Prime Minister fails vote of confidence, to resign

Peru's prime minister to resign after censure vote

Former U.S. President Clinton bids farewell to Singapore's founder Lee

Former Putin allies question his political course

Israeli premier: Nuclear deal will 'pave the way' for Iran

Netanyahu says expected Iranian nuclear deal worse than feared

Cameron would have to step down early if re-elected - ally

Crowds swell to bid farewell to Singapore's founder Lee ahead of funeral

UK prime minister rallies party before 'knife edge' election

Netanyahu picks Kulanu party head as Israel's finance minister

Japan PM, BOJ chief say monetary policy not targeting FX market

Thai prime minister threatens to 'execute' journalists

Turkey investigating all possible causes of power outage: PM

AP EXPLAINS: Japan's long wait to address US Congress

Arab-Israelis Reject Netanyahu Apology

Ex-Israeli PM Olmert convicted in another corruption case

Thousands in Singapore queue to pay last respects to Lee Kuan Yew

US' Kissinger pays respect to late Singapore leader

Singapore's final farewell to Lee

A look at former Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert's career

Yehuda Avner, Israeli diplomat and prime minister aide, dies

Turkish court orders investigation over spat in AK Party

Greek government denies finance minister Varoufakis to resign

Vietnam orders quick probe after scaffolding fall kills 13

Former Israeli Premier Olmert convicted in new corruption case

Japan PM Abe to address joint session of Congress

Memorial to Kremlin critic Nemtsov vandalized, then restored

Palestinians, Israeli Arabs mark 'Land Day'

Image of Asia: Waiting to pay respects to Singapore's Lee

Iraqi forces drive Islamic State out of central Tikrit: PM

Thousands of Singaporeans take to the streets to mourn Lee Kuan Yew

Mahathir saddened by Lee Kuan Yew's death despite their clashes

Police investigate threat to BBC boss over Clarkson firing

UK prime minister, opposition leader in live TV interviews

Singapore urges restraint as Lee mourners queue for 10 hours

Singaporeans say BreadTalk's Lee Kuan Yew bun is in poor taste

Labour puts focus on healthcare at launch of UK election campaign

Starting pistol fired for Britain's election campaign

UK court rules Prince Charles letters to ministers can be disclosed

Court rules Prince Charles letters to ministers can be disclosed

UK election battle officially begins

Supreme Court to rule on disclosure of Prince Charles letters

Greece to present reforms early next week latest

Troika expects Greece to miss primary surplus target this year -Der Spiegel

Romania questions ex-minister over 3 Picassos, 100 paintings

Singapore stands still as nation bids farewell to founding father Lee

Cameron wins first TV encounter of close election - poll

Campaign begins for most unpredictable UK election in years

Britain's Cameron wins first TV encounter of close election: poll

With Lee's passing, Mahathir is last of SE Asia's old guards