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Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 White House Bid

France's top diplomat welcomes Clinton's presidential bid

Hillary Clinton aide told donors and supporters she's running for...

In speech, Bill Clinton makes no mention of wife's campaign

Hillary Clinton to visit New Hampshire next week

Clinton candidacy prods foundation board to consider limits

Republican hopeful Paul opens criticism ahead of Clinton announcement

Clinton Foundation to limit donations from foreign governments

Hillary Clinton's long road back into presidential politics

Obama: Hillary Clinton would be "an excellent president"

Clinton Set to Launch 2nd White House Run

Clinton sets off for campaign tour

Republican Fiorina says she would neutralize Clinton's 'gender card'

Clinton: Unfair that fund managers pay lower tax rate than truckers

Hillary Clinton - no stranger to controversy

Clinton starts White House campaign with small-town meetings

Hillary Has Support of Hometown Mayor

Clinton already uniting prospective GOP presidential field

Clinton Takes Her New 2016 Campaign on the Road

5 Things to know about Clinton's decision to run again

Clinton to name former financial regulator as CFO: Bloomberg

Clinton pledges help for small businesses at last stop on Iowa tour

Clinton's 2016 White House launch contrasts with her 2008 bid

NYC has mixed reactions to Clinton campaign announcement

Clinton's second act: Her long road to 2016 decision

Starting small: Clinton goes for low-key events, fundraising

As an instant target for foes, Clinton may struggle to get message heard

Clinton charity to allow 6 countries to donate, not others

Clinton Kicks Off 2016 Campaign in Iowa

U.S. lawmakers asked Clinton about private emails in 2012

Hillary Clinton surprises with early attack on CEO pay

Clinton faces early test on U.S.-Pacific Rim trade deal fight

Clinton Makes It Official: She's Running in 2016

Clinton Foundation to continue accepting some foreign money

Road trip, listening tour: Clinton dusts off old playbook

Fiorina aims to keep Clinton from playing the 'gender card'

Fiorina says she'd neutralize Clinton's gender arguments

Rubio Announces He Is Running for White House

Buffalo herd roams Arkansas city neighborhoods

Republican hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

The Latest: Presidential contenders woo New Hampshire voters

Rubio tells supporters he is running for White House

Rubio calls 2016 White House race a 'generational choice'

AP PHOTOS: Images of Oklahoma City bombing

Marco Rubio: the 2016 presidential campaign's $40 million man

Huckabee to share 2016 plans in Hope, Arkansas, on May 5

GOP hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

FACT CHECK: Rubio rhetoric breaks with past, but ideas don't

Here's one White House hopeful who wants to get big money out of politics

GOP White House hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

Rubio looks to find his opening in the 2016 Republican field

Hawkish U.S. foreign policy at heart of Rubio's presidential bid

TIME Releases Most Influential People List

GOP contenders gather in NH: 5 things to watch for

Diplomacy out, blunt talk in as Obama gets tough on GOP

Obama announces May visit to his 50th state: South Dakota

AP Was There: Original AP report of Oklahoma bombing

Correction: AP Was There-Oklahoma City Bombing story

Democratic Senator Warren pushes bank breakup, tax changes

CBS political director John Dickerson new Sunday show host

Bush backs confirmation of attorney general nominee Lynch

U.S. lawmakers agree on wording of bill key to Pacific trade deal

Peevish or loaded for bear _ Obama getting tough on critics

Tribeca Film Festival opens with 'Saturday Night Live' documentary

Paul, Graham clash on foreign-policy on U.S. campaign trail

Mining in Haiti on hold amid uncertainty and opposition