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Jail for addict who trafficked prescription drugs

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Ex-players sue NFL over use of painkillers

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Survey finds teens trending toward e-cigarettes

Former player Nate Jackson calls for NFL to allow marijuana

FDA panel wants limits on hydrocodone painkillers

Measure would create liability for addictive drugs

Drug overdose deaths up for 11th consecutive year

Ex-'Jersey Shore' star opens up about addiction

Two men charged over painkillers sold to NY Rangers' Derek Boogaard

Medicare on drugs: 24,000 tests for 145 patients

Eight retired players sue league over painkillers

States revolt against powerful new painkiller

'We're all paying:' Heroin spreads misery in US

FDA approves new, hard-to-abuse hydrocodone pill

US approves new, hard-to-abuse hydrocodone pill

Senate approves ex-Mass. official Botticelli as US drug czar

Fentanyl linked to death of off-duty paramedic

Doctor says he thought Jackson had drug problem

Tenn. hospital treats drug-dependent babies

Wife: I'm sorry for trusting Pa. abortion doctor

Hoffman among thousands of addiction victims, death highlights heroin's...

New wave of heroin claims Hoffman and others

Survey finds sharp increase in teen use of HGH

Ex-doctor pleads guilty in overdose deaths

Women's prison tackles drug, alcohol addiction with new program

Experts warn of spike in number of deaths involving Xanax

'Hillbilly heroin' abuse down

Stilnox not a problem for swimmers, world champion Magnussen says

Former Australian swimming great Hackett in rehab

Heroin antidote stirs debate in US as deaths rise

Potent new painkiller stokes alarm in US

Colts Owner Arrested for DWI, Drugs

US seeks tighter controls on certain painkillers

Roger Dean to be sentenced over 11 murders

NYPD looks to GPS bottles to combat pill bandits

New US wave of heroin claims Hoffman, others

Heroin upsurge has police packing antidote

Heroin is the drug of choice in white US suburbs

Second wave of former players join NFL lawsuit