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Nigerians vote Sunday despite violence, technical hitches

Saudi-led forces strike Yemen rebels, blockade ports

Diplomats and U.N. staff flee Yemen as Houthis target Aden

Warships move in key strait as airstrikes widen in Yemen

Cliffhanger in Nigeria presidential vote

Turmoil in Yemen escalates as Saudi Arabia bombs rebels

Thai junta leader: I'll fight forced labor in fish industry

Heavy clashes on Saudi-Yemeni border Hadi government pleads for troops

Saudis, Egypt consider intervention in Yemen, likely by air

After Christie's privatization, NJ lottery missing targets

AP Investigation: Slavery taints global supply of seafood

AP Investigation: Are slaves catching the fish you buy?

Shiite rebels fire on protesters in south Yemen, killing 6

Privatising Qld's electricity assets inevitable: Costello

Syrian regime OKs peace talks amid skepticism

Politician's rise highlights NYC parade dispute

Hundreds seek shelter ahead of Cyclone Rusty

US ships military equipment out of Afghanistan

Mass. police: No decision on charges in bus crash

Cruise passengers return home, feds probe fire

Crews corral cruise ship that tore loose in Ala.

T&C cruise terminal closes after illness outbreak

Unrest in Egyptian city draws in military

$2m scheme helps cull reef starfish pest

Filipino rebels call for international mediation

Darwin Harbour dredging digs up concerns

Dominican ruling strips many of citizenship

Armed Russians detain Aussie activists

Syria's Assad: EU will pay price for arming rebels

NTSB recovers recorders after NYC gear collapse

In Egypt bloodshed, dozens of Morsi backers killed

Claims against mayor inflict turmoil on San Diego

Venezuela navy escorts seized oil vessel into port

Vanuatu's chiefs give the go ahead to new land reform laws

Spot fire warning as winds pick up

Winter storm batters Mideast, 8 dead

Winter storm brings more misery to Syrian refugees

Cranes install base of spire on roof of 1 WTC

Israel says Egypt violating peace treaty in Sinai

Exclusive: Brazil report on World Cup air traffic jams at odds with...

Bomb kills top Pakistani police who hunted Taliban

Italy worried over Libya situation: defense minister

Rare storm leaves Jerusalem snowed in

Israel to weigh Egypt Gaza truce, Hamas says no deal

Israel, Hamas agree to Gaza 'humanitarian' pause

Italian, Maltese rescuers say 19 dead on migrant boat

Libyan militia tighten control of Tripoli airport

Australian immigration minister visits Jaffna, no talks with Tamil groups

Opposition sides claim Haiti elections jeopardized

South Korean sect submits to search for founder linked to doomed ferry

Libya standoff emerges as premier refuses to yield to successor

Christie aide testifies he was misled about bridge scandal

Aide to New Jersey Governor Christie called to testify in 'Bridgegate'...

Judge: Kasem can go home to wife if doctors OK it

New Anne Frank play opening in Amsterdam

Israel police challenge US 'terror' findings

Rogue Libya general vows 'terrorist' hunt