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Cambodian prince cosies up to Hun Sen in political comeback

Road show

Ban from politics will violate my basic rights: Thai PM

Lobby group seeks pledge to extend light rail to Helensvale

Former Labor Member for Hunter Eric Fitzgibbon dies

In victory for Widodo, Indonesia parliament backs direct regional vote

Billy Bragg tells the story of political prisoners transported to Van...

Syriza members speak out as Greeks headed for elections

South Sudan rivals agree new 'unity deal'

Syrian opposition calls for new Cairo 'unity' meet

Ousted Thai PM to make final impeachment defence

Ousted Thai PM banned from politics, faces charges

Ousted Thai PM banned from politics, faces charges

Ousted Thai PM to face criminal charges

Ousted Thai PM Yingluck faces political ban in assembly vote

Bahrain opposition leader to go on trial on January 28

Bahrain opposition leader to go on trial on Jan. 28

China blocks VPN services that skirt online censorship

UN urges Haiti to hold transparent, inclusive elections

LNP makes more law and order promises

Hundreds march in 'Rally Against Newman'

Anti-graft watchdog slams Turkish corruption vote

Julie Bishop loses earring, asks Twitter to help find it

Saudi succession was well planned: Berger

Obama to cut short India visit, fly to Saudi

Sudanese opposition to withdraw from failing dialogue

Eyeing 2016, Jeb Bush signals focus on middle class

Ousted Thai PM challenges rice subsidy impeachment case

Myanmar releases prominent Rohingya political prisoner

UN warns Burundi over elections

Explosions in Yemeni capital after Hadi resignation

Thai ex-PM Yingluck impeached and facing criminal charges

Companies respond to questions over cash-for-access fundraising dinners

Tony Fitzgerald savages Newman Government for 'nepotism'

Weekend tests fealty, viability of Republican 2016 hopefuls

Pauling preselected by Liberals to win back Charlestown

Burkina presidential and legislative votes set for October

Yemen's Shiite rebels try to avoid overstepping amid protest

China says its colleges must champion core socialist values

Bahrain charges opposition chief with 'regime overthrow' bid

Erdogan chairs Turkish cabinet meeting, pushing presidential powers

Campaign finance protest disrupts US top court

Secretary of State Kerry to visit Nigeria soon

Thai PM: I have not ordered legislators to ban Yingluck

Niger disperses demo after 10 die in Charlie Hebdo protests

Medicare argument with PM 'gossip': Hockey

Premier distinguishes between likeability and electability

Security chief in violent Mexican state steps down

Queensland election: ABC's Vote Compass

Israeli premier says he'll go 'anywhere' to warn about Iran