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Clive Palmer says fraud case is a witch‑hunt

Militants could have drawn Lebanon into civil war - army chief

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Abbas powerless to stop Palestinian violence: experts

Lebanon scraps independence rally in first since civil war

U.S. politics takes center stage at Latin Grammys

U.S. politics takes centre stage at Latin Grammys

Time running short to rebuild Gaza: EU representative

Vazquez favorite to win Uruguay presidential vote as economy shines

Militants could have drawn Lebanon into civil war: army chief

Pope urges Sisi to ensure peace during Egypt transition

Vazquez favourite to win Uruguay presidential vote as economy shines

Moves underway to set up a Tasmania Party to contest future elections

Mexico summons Uruguay ambassador over president's comments on missing...

Mining boom at stake, Greenland votes amid turmoil

Obama: Americans want 'new car smell' in 2016

Mexico's left faces problems as leader quits

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Putin says he won't be Russia's president for life

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Somali leader sees Islamist rebels out of towns by year-end

Myanmar political leaders to hold talks on amending constitution

Thai election pushed back to 2016 - deputy PM

Cardenas leaves Mexico leftist party he founded

Victoria election 2014: Paramedics taken to court for wearing uniforms...

Guitar great De Lucia honored at political Latin Grammys

Lebanese form giant 'U' for unity in time of crisis

Guitar great De Lucia honored at political Latin Grammys

Thai elections may be delayed until 2016: junta

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Philippines vows justice five years after massacre

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