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Russell Brand declares politics 'dead'

Sri Lanka's Sirisena forms national government with opposition

Indonesian tycoon sues government to stop key opposition party defecting...

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Early states in presidential primary may be losing clout

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Canada will expand anti-ISIS bombing campaign to Syria

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Reid backs Schumer to succeed him as leader

UK court rules Prince Charles letters to ministers can be disclosed

Court rules Prince Charles letters to ministers can be disclosed

Canada will expand anti-ISIS bombing campaign to Syria: sources

Schock leaves U.S. Congress, notes Abe Lincoln had troubles too

US first lady Michelle Obama departs cambodia

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Ex-aide of retiring Indiana senator running to replace him

Moroccan opposition in rare standoff with police over burial

Saudi Arabia's OPEC governor - hard to reach $100-120 oil again

Clinton previews economic themes of possible 2016 campaign

Putin says Western spies plot against Russia before polls

Brazil uncovers multibillion-dollar tax fraud at Finance Ministry