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Greece's far-right leader, lawmakers go on trial

Euro zone slows - but still on track?

Caterpillar sees challenges in strong dollar, weak oil, unrest

Upset for Spain's ruling party seen in stronghold Valencia - poll

Upset for Spain's ruling party seen in stronghold Valencia: poll

HSBC considers moving headquarters from Britain

China's Finance Minister hits at U.S. 'negative list' - Xinhua

Airbus upbeat on sales as A380 marks bitter-sweet anniversary

EU bid to label Hezbollah wing terror group

Top US, Afghan diplomats meet on security pact

Business lobby group ramps up pre-election advertising campaign

ECB's Draghi urges speedy banking union

Woodside and Greens in cahoots: Howes

Obama and Bush, partisans who share common ground

Dems pouring money, Obama into Mass. Senate race

Environmentalists celebrate nuclear plant closing

Economic crisis sets back peace in divided Cyprus

OECD warns about Australia's post-boom outlook

Ugandan police end seizure of daily after 10 days

Is it 'terrorism'? Anatomy of a very murky word

A slowly unfolding mystery for media

Budget battle guide: This time may be for real

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Italy faces political gridlock after crucial elex

Oil falls as Italian election fuels market jitters

New film tells story of unsung civil rights leader

Oil rises amid Fed commitment to low rates

Oil falls as US spending cuts loom

Sequester Q&A: For US, a new season of uncertainty

Tenn. Senate votes to put income tax ban on ballot

Burke urged to reconsider CSG approvals

Israel faces geopolitical tangle with natural gas

Study: Health law to raise claims cost 32 percent

Pressure mounts on Portuguese government

News Summary: Portugal government under pressure

White House tours off, Easter egg roll on for now

Spain's political scandal pushes euro lower

Venezuelan politics heating up in Chavez's absence

Fragile economy, other global woes dominated Davos

Fidelity strategist: Market used to DC gridlock

Low start predicted for Aust sharemarket

Gold lifts more than one per cent

In Mideast, view of U.S. as hesitant superpower sharpens

Insight: In Fukushima end-game, radiated water has nowhere to go

Merkel's fear: pollsters may get it wrong again

German unemployment edges up in August, but job market solid

UK Prime Minister Cameron loses Syria war vote

Insight -The end of angst? Prosperous Germans in no mood for change

Istanbul feels Olympic disappointment for 5th time

Germans reward Merkel for steady hand

Residents demand certainty over Gove gas

Next week: what's worse, earnings or politics?

Analysis: US reliability questioned overseas

Arab world searches for democratic future

Europeans warn of US government shutdown impact

Analysis: Europe, waiting for Germany, could be disappointed

Afghans flock to colleges, even as Taliban loom

Top Indonesian energy official barred from travel in latest government...

Navalny shakes up Moscow mayor campaign

Immigration, student loans top congressional plans

Congress split on cutting off aid to Egypt

Increased coal dredging causes concerns for Mackay fishers, marine park...

Market relief as Portugal defuses political crisis

US messaging mess in Egypt complicates diplomacy

Political indecision weighs on economic forecasts

Kerry eases Indian worry over talks with Taliban

Ecuador: Snowden Asylum Document Unauthorized

Gloomy end of a good financial year

New-look Labor building support

Investor pressure on Portugal eases, govn't talks

Cuba's 1st solar farm a step toward renewables