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Tunisia artists, media fear for freedoms after election

Indonesian leader plans powerful 'kitchen cabinet' to bolster reforms

Lebanon bans film on Iran's 'Green Movement' protests

Five Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Israel blames Abbas for synagogue attack, vows response

Thai police detain 3 students as 'Hunger Games' screenings axed

New Egypt comic artists push limits of expression

Jacqui Lambie, Ricky Muir break ranks and team with Labor

Clive Palmer's relationship with 'liar' Jacqui Lambie hits new low

Suicide attackers target foreign compound in Kabul

Clive Palmer accuses Jacqui Lambie of lying

Joyce says Liberals, not Nationals, responsible for defending SPC

Hong Kong protesters break into government building as tensions flare

Hong Kong protesters break into government building, four arrested

Biden voices support for Ukraine, denounces Russia's Putin

Joyce says Liberals, not Nationals, responsible for defending SPC

For Obama, a long to road to immigration order

Weary Italy vents its rage in spate of strikes and protest

Israel vows harsh response to synagogue attack

African Macbeth shines light on horrors of Congolese war

Fearing backlash, Jordan asserts Al-Aqsa custodianship

Egypt mass protests challenge Islamist president

Sympathy for Chavez a factor in Venezuela politics

On foreign policy, Kerry is Obama's good soldier

Pakistan: Bhutto's son launches political career

GOP leaders already jockeying for 2016

Taliban suicide bomber kills 23 in Pakistan

New Somali parliament votes for president Monday

Ethiopia: Longtime leader to be buried next month

Celebs and pols: When the star alliance misfires

Clinton decries violence in northwestern Pakistan

Did Eastwood's RNC act cause trouble for 'Curve'?

McChrystal takes blame for Rolling Stone article

3 Kurds killed in Paris political motive claimed

China elder Jiang Zemin takes a public step back

Senior Ukraine cop convicted of killing journalist

Bomb hits Libya's Benghazi on attack anniversary

US gunman: Buddhist interests, flashes of rage

Egypt's rulers can count on Gulf aid despite bloodshed

Unrest delivers huge blow to Egypt tourism

Mexico officials find mass grave east of capital

China makes big show of Bo trial, but it's still just theater

White House travel director keeps entourage moving

Family ties factor in key Senate races

White House prospects mix at governor's meeting

China upholds Nobel winner's relative's sentence

Egyptian capital becomes battle zone amid crisis

Cambodian polls promise more of the same - for now

Peace envoy Brahimi in talks with Syria's Assad

Thousands rally in Pakistani Kashmir against India

Strongman Rajoelina's candidate elected Madagascar president

One-punch laws: NSW Premier labels criticism a 'badge of honour'

Sundance competitor 'Sepideh' gets iTunes release

Egypt: Revolution, turmoil impact on pop culture

More unrest likely for gridlocked Lebanon

Thai road protest could lead to political dead end

As fighting grips Iraq, Republicans reopen old war wounds

Turkish riot police clash with demonstrators

Microfilms in China mean anyone can be a director

Behind the scenes, football tycoon pulls strings in Ukraine crisis

New ceasefire reached in north Yemen

13 dead in north Iraq violence

Iraq attacks kill 11 people ahead of Shiite pilgrimage

Chemical watchdog urges truces so Syria can disarm