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Obama signs bill to boost energy efficiency in buildings

Most French people give thumbs down to Hollande in poll

UK vote baffles voters, investors too

Economist calls for chess to be on the national curriculum

Texas considers more abortion limits after clinic closures

Bank of Ireland pension deficit rises, shares fall

U.S., Canada ready oil train safety measures

Cameron pledges new law to prevent tax hikes, election rivals see gimmick

Up or down? Bank views of UK assets after election

Analysis: US experts on Russia fear escalation over Ukraine

Burundi tells foreign envoys to stay neutral over unrest

Indonesia executes drug traffickers, sparks anger from Australia, Brazil

Should Britain stay in the EU? Question hovers in election

California ramps up efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Nepal economy shattered by quake, recovery to take years

Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

New Egypt tax law: cuts for poor, business hikes

Fitch upgrades Greece's credit rating

Syrian rebels reeling from loss of Qusair

AP IMPACT: Commander of Nazi-led unit lives in US

Afghan Taliban boldly attack on Kabul airport

Report: NSA contract worker is surveillance source

Target confirms 260 jobs to go at head office

More time tipped for Great Barrier Reef protection policies, WWF says

France forces ministers to show financial records

Denver Post wins Pulitzer for coverage of massacre

Details on the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winners

Thatcher, even in death, divides world opinion

Obama's budget gives everyone something to dislike

Egypt convicts NGO workers, including 16 Americans

Ethiopia: Egypt attack proposals 'day dreaming'

Slipper 'out of depth' in Ashby sex case

AP IMPACT: Congress slows military efforts to save

Tea Party Caucus Leader to Leave Congress

Country singer Blundell runs for senate

Thousands of bridges at risk of freak collapse

Budget cuts ground Air Force, Navy aircraft

Japan PM's biggest test on economy still to come

NSW opposition backs premier's gay stand

Kerry pushes Turkey-Israel rapprochement

Thatcher had troubled relations with UK sports

Tasmanian MP labels Thatcher a 'war criminal'

Troubled South Africa debates impact of white rule

Union backs schools funding, WA critical

Assange positive about future of politics

China sex tape official: I'm a lecher but no crook

Argentina: Boot camp for a politically savvy pope

Ex-US diplomat rankles Taiwan with defense remarks

As odds grow long, opponents move to stop pipeline

Budget needs tough choices, Gillard says

Cricket broadcasts 'under threat from media reforms'

Govt gets tough on election costings

WSU president: Contract good for school, Michigan

NSW to get tough election costing process

US lawmakers push for tougher NKorea sanctions

New crisis looms as budget cuts hit US on Friday

Senate panel hearing from Newtown father, doctor

US caught in awkward embrace of Myanmar 'crony'

Menendez' bill could have aided donor's investment

Administration warns of impact of broad budget cut

Governors: Looming cuts threaten economic gains

Domenici acknowledges having son outside marriage

Italy faces political gridlock after crucial elex

Winemaker calls for more govt support

Jump in factory growth lifts hopes for US economy

Michigan to appoint emergency manager for Detroit

Swiss vote on bosses' pay could hit offshore firms

Greece orders striking ferry crews back to work

Obama attempting to change face of the judiciary

Pro-Cuba protesters halt dissident's Brazil event

Not much urgency to avoid automatic spending cuts

Gillard 'unsurprised' at split with Greens

Sequester Q&A: For US, a new season of uncertainty

UN envoy backs Syrian opposition's call for talks

Ministers say workers' super won't be hit