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Iran's Zarif calls for aid, dialogue in Yemen

Iran's Zarif lays out Yemen peace plan, calls for aid, dialogue

Iran proposes Yemen peace plan as Houthis dig in

Embattled Yemen leader names new vice president

Spain's latest political upstart rides high on message of moderation

Nigeria election raises hope of peaceful West African polls

No meeting for Korean leaders at Russian WW2 event

UN chief to name new Yemen envoy as peace efforts stall

Former president defiant as humanitarian toll mounts in Yemen war

Mideast's arch-survivor stands in way of Saudi success in Yemen

Islamic law debate puts more pressure on Malaysia PM

AP Interview: Hezbollah leader blasts Saudi strikes in Yemen

Yemen's exiled president appoints conciliatory figure as deputy

Iran reformists dance in streets for new president

After violence, Egypt opposition presses Morsi

Ethiopia: Egypt attack proposals 'day dreaming'

Venezuela frees US filmmaker jailed as alleged spy

Thomas Bach announces IOC presidential candidacy

Post-attack, top reporter worries his cover blown

Egypt's Morsi to reshuffle Cabinet amid turmoil

Conservative leader says GOP must broaden appeal

Egypt opposition leader calls for election boycott

Italy faces political gridlock after crucial elex

In Myanmar, answers to ethnic conflict elusive

Egypt protests on anniversary of Mubarak's fall

UN envoy backs Syrian opposition's call for talks

Clashes mark Bahrain's second uprising anniversary

Syrian troops, rebels clash over Damascus highway

Pope Francis: Protect the poor and the Earth

Museum to showcase contemporary Latin American art

US: Vietnam backsliding on human rights

Italy's Bersani tapped to form new government

Syrian opposition head visits rebel areas in north

West Bank students attack British diplomat

Egypt's Mubarak to get new trial over killings

Colombia president says government ready for peace talks with ELN rebels

Iran frees 80 prisoners as president heads to UN

Italy minister gets Europe support against racism

Hollande meets Rouhani

North Korea nuclear threat key concern at historic North East Asia Defence...

Analysis: US reliability questioned overseas

US global clout eroded by shutdown: analysts

Sudan protests should serve as warning: Britain

Iran's new president seeks to begin outreach at UN

Iran's top leader opens way for Rouhani outreach

Opposition suspends role in Bahrain talks after leader held

Bahrain opposition boycotts talks after detention

Bahrain opposition defies ban on meeting diplomats

INSIGHT - In small American town, a window into Egyptian general's past

Rowhani's 'path of moderation' also shows limits

Few options for Brazil leader in face of protests

Iran's president-elect says economy will take time

AP Analysis: Iran president may help shield rulers

AG calls Martin killing an 'unnecessary shooting'

Disputes between Morsi, military led to Egypt coup

Italian astrophysicist Margherita Hack dies at 91

Greece vows faster reforms after political crisis

Egypt says diplomacy has failed to resolve crisis

Mali's new president Keita faces Tuareg challenge

In Egypt bloodshed, dozens of Morsi backers killed

Kerry presses North Korea over nuke disarmament

Egypt president defends 1st year in speech

Detente on Korean peninsula as Pyongyang seeks to lift isolation

Preoccupied Obama criticized over NKorea policy