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Iran seeks nuclear deal but not normal ties with 'Great Satan'

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Insight - Iran seeks nuclear deal but not normal ties with 'Great Satan'

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Boko Haram kills 41, prevents hundreds voting in Nigeria

Nigerian leader urges peaceful vote as elections loom

Analysis - Once-bullish fund managers start to capitulate on oil prices

BC-AP News Digest 7 am

EU weighs new methods to coax Israel back to peace talks

China, Japan, S.Korea halt Thai air route expansion on safety concerns

Ukraine's president dismisses powerful regional governor

Youth weigh cost of Nigeria vote

Israeli leader under fire for costly lifestyle

North Korean leader sends special envoy to China

Top US, Afghan diplomats meet on security pact

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

Syrian rebels reeling from loss of Qusair

Iran's reformists find spark in presidential race

Iran reformists dance in streets for new president

Report: NSA contract worker is surveillance source

Rand Paul's NSA rebukes could help or hurt in 2016

A look at reasons for Israeli airstrikes in Syria

US boom transforming global oil trade

Bulgarian center-right wins most of the votes

NKorea: Detained American smuggled in propaganda

Malaysia's opposition banks on new economic deal

Cameron's Conservatives suffer in UK local votes

SKorea to withdraw workers at factory in NKorea

ECB searches for ways to boost sagging eurozone

Dems pouring money, Obama into Mass. Senate race

China's top butcher tries to sell US on takeover

GOP replacement for NJ's Lautenberg not assured

New Italian premier urges EU to focus on growth

US intelligence embraces debate in security issues

In Vietnam, a Cuban rat poison finds new market

SKorea's gay film maker in news over wedding plans

Ugandan police end seizure of daily after 10 days

Obama's speech welcomed in Pakistan, Yemen

Iran takes on Qatar in crucial WCup qualifier

Balance of power in Syria shifting Assad's way

South Australian pre-budget announcements target training and police

Maduro certified as election winner amid protests

Chavez heir charges US is behind unrest over vote

Comeback: Weiner says he may run for NYC mayor

Argentina: Boot camp for a politically savvy pope

2 years after Duekoue, militia leader still free

Maduro leans on Chavez's charisma for popularity

Venezuela's opposition ground down by Chavistas

Nigeria pardons ex-governor who stole millions

A slowly unfolding mystery for media

Israelis plan to press Obama to free convicted spy

Q&A: Why investors are wary of Italy's elections

Italy faces political gridlock after crucial elex

Vatican feuds, fiefdoms, betrayals await next pope

Oil falls as Italian election fuels market jitters

Strong start on Wall Street Home Depot leads Dow

Oil rises amid Fed commitment to low rates

KFC launches China campaign to rebuild brand

Armenian president re-elected, exit poll says

Pakistani tribesmen pushing Taliban to talk peace

Unyielding GOP politicians doing what voters ask

Redman faces tough task to hold onto seat

Chavez back in Venezuela, stirs succession talk

Greece's weakened workforce starts to crack

Iran's leader steps deeper into the political fray

Malaysia PM dissolves Parliament to hold elections

Tough times ahead in post-Chavez Venezuela

Bank of Cyprus big savers to lose up to 60 percent