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Senate votes against Keystone XL pipeline legislation

US Senate narrowly fails to pass controversial Keystone XL pipeline bill

US Senate rejects Keystone pipeline by one vote

U.S. Senate fails to pass Keystone XL pipeline bill

Obama says position on Keystone XL pipeline has not changed

Obama says position on Keystone XL pipeline has not changed

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Quebec imposes conditions on TransCanada's Energy East pipeline

House Passes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

WHO sees few promising Ebola drugs in pipeline

Senate Poised to Vote on Keystone Pipeline

House passes bill to approve Keystone over objections from Obama

GOP Pushes for Keystone XL Pipeline Before Vote

Senate to get House bill approving oil pipeline

Greenpeace accuses Canada pipeline firm of 'dirty tricks'

TransCanada sees crude-by-rail investment even if Keystone built

Keystone: House sends oil pipeline bill to Senate

House votes in favor of Keystone oil pipeline

Oil and politics: A senator scraps for survival

Landrieu Works to Gather Senate Votes Needed to Approve Keystone

GOP Vows Replay on Keystone Pipeline Bill

After six-year fight, US Senate votes against Keystone pipeline

C$ weakens after Keystone U.S. Fed minutes in focus

US Senate rejects Keystone pipeline project

U.S. Senate heads for vote on Keystone XL pipeline

Without CEO, Sanofi touts new drugs in its pipeline

Senate Votes Down Keystone XL Bill

Keystone bill expected to pass House, but Senate in doubt

Keystone pipeline passes one US legislative hurdle

Keystone XL Pipe Fails Senate, GOP Vows Re-match

After Keystone, Landrieu faces tougher re-election

Keystone Senate vote hangs in balance after Obama remarks