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New leader to head Egypt's Jewish community

African stocks offer untapped opportunities

Pakistan to hold nationwide elections May 11

Opposition suspends role in Bahrain talks after leader held

EBRD cuts Turkey growth forecast amid political crisis

Thai ruling party, rivals brace for court ruling

Amid Egypt rights abuses, U.S. stalls over more military aid

Popular wave could lift Egypt army chief to office

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Moody's downgrades Turkey outlook to 'negative'

Egypt's military chief a reluctant candidate

At least 17 killed in protests on anniversary of Egypt uprising

Power outages add to Egypt's woes

Egypt's opposition rejects call for unity talks

Bob Carr: career politician steps down after 30 years of service

Egypt erupts with protests demanding Morsi ouster

Death toll from 2-day clashes in Egypt rises to 11

Obama leery of intervention in Mideast

Swan says budget surplus now unlikely

US economy scored robust growth in fourth quarter

Pakistani opposition keeps up pressure on prime minister to resign

Bulgaria bank run 'halted' but political turmoil rumbles on

Bulgarian central bank says banking system under attack

U.N. Sahel envoy says Libya turmoil could destabilize neighbors

Hagel Leaves Successor With Two Wars Obama Pledged to End

Obama presses congress on Islamic State as the public shifts

US short track mired in scandal, poor showings

For 5 years, US families pursue Kyrgyz adoptions

Chavez heir begins 6-year term with weak mandate

Pakistan government ends historic 5-year term

Egypt's army chief defends ousting president

Video of police abuse stokes anger in Egypt

VP: Chavez recovery favorable after complications

Embattled Tunisia leaders face rising social discontent

Yemen PM quits as Shiite rebels seize government HQ

Afghan candidates agree to resolve dispute