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China limits mainland travel to Hong Kong to cool tensions

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Chimps, gorillas, other apes being lost to trade

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Disney tickets 'benefit' in drug import

At least 22 dead after asylum boat capsizes

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Indonesian police arrest alleged people-smuggling boss, Akram

Palmer Party campaign launched

Early China iPhone launch gives smugglers a run for their money

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Indon navy slams Abbott boat plan

Ship capsizes off Italy 114 African migrants die

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Knitters needle Abbott at the ballot box

Protesters add colour to NSW booths

Promises and challenges: The road ahead for Tony Abbott's Government

Insight: Syria's economy goes underground as black market thrives

Insight: Syria's economy goes underground as black market thrives

Tony Abbott to have carbon tax repeal legislation drawn up immediately...

Coalition won't be asking for Indonesia's permission on asylum seeker...

Australian leader appoints lone woman to Cabinet

Indonesia offended by coalition policy

Rudd to outline plans for more jobs

Asylum seeker population falling on Christmas Island, Immigration Minister...

Abbott says boat buy-backs still on

Smuggling bonanza on Turkish border as Syrian war drags on

Five feared dead after asylum seeker boat capsizes off Christmas Island

PNG solution is 'unravelling': opposition

Asylum seekers 'political pawns': rally

Refugee slams party 'games' at Vic rally

Iraq premier warns of weapons smuggled from Syria

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Unions back PM ahead of final sittings

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