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2014 becoming warmest year on record

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Officials not ready to call Buffalo snow a record

Big snowstorm hits New York rest of US feels cold

Florida woman latest to accuse Cosby of forced sex

Three guys find a career playing video games

Storm rakes half of nation Arkansas still dark

Ex-Penn St. President Charged in Sandusky Case

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Race may be down to a handful of unknowns

An uneasy economy, and those living through it

US superstorm threat launches mass evacuations

Flu season strikes early and, in some places, hard

Joe Paterno Remembered at Penn State Vigil

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Despite outcry, stand-ground law repeals unlikely

Scrapbooks give peek inside Hemingway's early life

Dead Pa. baby's dad believes in 'divine healing'

Lawyer: NCAA actions affected entire PSU community

Cause of deadly Philly collapse sought suit filed

O'Malley using agenda, fundraising to explore 2016

In rural America, secessionist sentiment stirs

More Rutgers faculty seek firings in coach case

Fresh off victory, NRA holds convention in Houston

Young gay athletes set tone for NBA coming out

AP IMPACT: Cartels dispatch agents deep inside US

Pa. college awaits answers as it mourns coach

Correction: Climate-Temperature Spike story

New York expanding nation's biggest transit hub

In letter, Sue Paterno defends late husband

NBC to air interview with Jerry Sandusky on Monday

Rare stamp may fetch up to $20 million in New York

US Internet access ahead of EU in key areas

Standing on the job gains favor in US workplaces

Exclusive: Obama allies revive push for Obamacare CEO

Atlantic City doomed by glut of casinos in region

Court: Religious rights trump birth control rule

Jerry Sandusky's son will tell his story on TV

Amazon's eroding tax advantage, bid to sustain growth in focus

NRA seeks universal gun law at national meeting

Presidential race off to an early start

Behind big US deals in Europe: avoiding taxes

China's lending bubble a global threat

Tom Berman named deputy for AP's Central Region

Jobs report raises rate speculation

Primaries offer 1st major test of voter ID laws

Hundreds of Keystone protesters arrested at White House

Big climate report: Warming is big risk for people

Despite safety emphasis, school shootings continue

Chipotle store near Penn State closes after workers quit

Rush to be first woman to lead Indiana Supreme Court

Penn State's postseason football ban lifted

Penn State coach grateful for bowl chance

US to track everyone coming from Ebola nations