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Greens leader apologises after faltering interview eclipses campaign launch

India's reluctant "prince", Rahul Gandhi, takes break from politics

India's reluctant 'prince', Rahul Gandhi, takes break from politics

Conservatives overtake Labour ahead of election - poll

NT Labor names new president

Madonna denounces rise of far right in Europe

India's ruling party, Kashmir party to form state government

After the 'Three Represents,' China pushes 'Four Comprehensives'

Israeli challenger Herzog a determined underdog

On visit to U.S., Farage criticizes Obama and Republicans

On visit to U.S., Britain's Farage criticizes Obama and Republicans

Bangladesh issues arrest warrants for opposition chief in graft cases

Swiss right-wing party enlists magazine chief as candidate

Head of Arab Gulf council visits Yemen's embattled president

Democrats: We must better explain what it means to be a Dem

Cameron's glitzy ties to rich donors hurt him before UK election

Jailed Malaysian opposition leader's family seeks royal pardon

Estonia seen set to vote in another pro-NATO coalition

With new slogan, Chinese leader sets goals, keeps tradition

Zimbabwe's Mugabe to celebrate 91st birthday

Opposition leader in pre-election hot water for lauding Portugal's progress

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Zimbabwe's Mugabe says wife not the power behind his throne

Spanish premier trumpets economy, upgrades growth forecast

New Zealand to send troops to Iraq

Bangladesh issues arrest warrants for opposition chief in graft cases

Ahead of election, Labour pledges university tuition fee cut

Bangladesh court issues arrest warrant for former leader Zia

Top British lawmakers deny wrongdoing over 'cash for access' report

U.S. Senate Democrats invite Netanyahu to meeting during visit

Modi's bid to ease land for companies could impact Indian reforms

Togo president to seek third term in April election

Le Pen woos French farm vote as malaise deepens

Leaders in Asia face jail, arrests _ often due to politics

Shiite rebels say Yemen President Hadi 'wanted for justice'

Pelosi: Mr. Speaker, Get a Grip - Give Us a Vote

Obama begins sales pitch on trade to wary U.S. public

Veteran Kazakh leader calls snap presidential poll on April 26

Maldives arrests ex-president for his move to arrest judge

Greek leader faces criticism on austerity concessions

Congress tries 1-week bill to keep Homeland Security open

California taxpayers billed $40,000 for events

Rand Paul: Presidential announcement likely in March, April

Rahm-Rauner ties likely to survive Chicago mayor's re-election battle

Britain's would-be finance ministers sum up stark choice for voters

GOP's Jeb Bush working to reassert conservative credentials

Venezuelan 14 year-old killed during anti-government protest

Kerry questions Netanyahu's judgment as U.S.-Israel row deepens

For Israeli party, a Palestinian state amounts to 'suicide'

IAG win over trade union in boost to Aer Lingus bid

Yemen's Hadi says still legitimate president

Euro zone shaking off the blues?

Netanyahu's main challenger to focus on his own security credentials

Berlin backs Greek bailout extension

Will Greek reform plan secure lifeline?

Mexico president in crisis is losing support of big business

Clashes in Maldives as thousands call for president to quit

Greece bailout set to get strong German Parliament backing

Norway's Muslims form protective human ring around synagogue

Heavy security prevents opposition protests in Algiers

Yemen's Shiite rebels threaten to arrest, charge ministers

Bush defends his conservative credentials ahead of CPAC

DHS bill exposes holes in GOP's congressional coordination