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Finland's eurosceptic The Finns party gains in poll: YLE

Labour Party most likely to form government, Deutsche Bank research shows

French far-right picks candidates amid reining family crisis

VW CEO cancels participation in German party gathering: SPD

Labour leads Conservatives by 1 percent point ahead of election - poll

Opposition Centre Party on course to win Finland's election - poll

Britain's opposition Labour Party hold narrow poll lead - Populus

Far-right French firebrand won't seek office, to quell feud

Liberal Democrats hint Cameron's EU referendum plan negotiable

South African opposition leader steps down

Governing party treasurer arrested in Brazil kickback case

Brazil ruling party treasurer arrested

Nigerian opposition wins key states, shores up victory

Arrest of party treasurer could affect Brazil president

French far-right party founder Le Pen in hospital after operation

In UK election, party promises range from nukes to bees

Brazil's Rousseff under pressure after party treasurer jailed

Ahead of election, Labour leads Conservatives by 2 points - poll

Ahead of election, Labour leads Cameron's Conservatives by three points -...

Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour before May 7 election - TNS poll

Ahead of election, Labour narrowly leads PM Cameron's Conservatives - poll

Egypt to destroy torched building of Mubarak's party

Ex-leader Gul says Turkey needs stronger parliament, not presidency

Head of Hungary's far-right Jobbik vows to prune racism

Spain's anti-austerity Podemos neck-to-neck with mainstream parties: poll

Cameron's Conservatives level with opposition Labour ahead of election -...

Spain's anti-austerity Podemos neck-to-neck with mainstream parties - poll

Spain's leading parties feel voter anger seen across Europe

Scottish nationalists almost double poll lead over Labour Party - poll

White House mum on DEA chief after sex party scandal

Labour and Conservatives tied ahead of election - poll

Cameron's party leads one pre-election poll, but others suggest race still...

France's Jean-Marie Le Pen steps back to ease family feud

U.S. lawmakers express 'no confidence' in DEA chief over sex parties

Party of Nigeria's defeated president wins oil hub Rivers state

Turkey's pro-Kurdish HDP bets on new voters to exceed threshold in June...

Turkish pollsters see weaker support for AK Party in June vote

Italy PM Renzi faces party revolt over electoral law

Miliband tells voters - Trust me on the economy

Far-right party ahead of government in Hungary by-election

Nigerian governor elections see swing to president-elect's party

What to do with Dad: A dilemma for France's Le Pen

Analysis - What to do with Dad: A dilemma for France's Le Pen

UKIP tries to boost flagging support with image shift

NHL player Jarret Stoll arrested for drug possession

Bashir votes in poll boycotted by opposition

Egypt to demolish headquarters of Mubarak's old party

Osborne says IMF deficit forecast is reason to vote Conservative

Labour's Miliband wins final TV debate of election campaign - poll

Hungary's Jobbik drops some hardline policies in push for power

5-time Nepal Prime Minister Thapa dies at age 87

Labour and Conservatives tied again ahead of election - YouGov poll

UN chief urges immediate ceasefire by 'all parties' in Yemen war

Spain PM says fraud probe into ex-minister damages his party

IPOs take Wall Street by storm

Austerity's legacy: British election focused on UK economy

Cameron woos voters with Thatcherite dream of home-owning democracy

Islamic law debate puts more pressure on Malaysia PM

Taiwan rejected as founding member of Beijing-led multilateral bank

Defiant Jean-Marie Le Pen vows no departure from politics

With focus on re-election, Polish PM puts reforms on hold

China warns Taiwan opposition as it names presidential candidate

Two candidates drop out of 'unfair' Sudanese election

Farage fights for seat as UKIP tries to build on gains

Jewish leader says worried about Hungary's far-right