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Moves underway to set up a Tasmania Party to contest future elections

Cardenas leaves Mexico leftist party he founded

Micro parties, preference deals muddy Upper House predictions

Zimbabwe's Mugabe tightens grip on party, to choose successor

Zimbabwe ruling party to boost Mugabe's powers

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Boy, 12, runaway parties with schoolies

12-year-old runaway parties with schoolies

Liberal Party members urging Lambie not to split from PUP: staffer

Women should be the winners of Namibia’s general election

Irish PM's party popularity hit by water levy protests - poll

Sri Lanka ruling party in purge ahead of snap polls

Irish PM's party popularity hit by water levy protests: poll

Lobbyists swayed Lambie, says Palmer

I.Coast's Gbagbo candidate to head party as he awaits ICC trial

Three candidates seek Nationals pre-selection for Oxley

Tunisian presidential candidates head for December run-off vote

Vietnam ruling party chief arrives in Moscow, seeks to boost ties

Hungary's ruling party down in polls over Web tax, quarrels with West

Zimbabwe vice president ousted from party post in succession war

Arrests down as schoolies party in rain

Jacqui Lambie denies Clive Palmer claim she 'infiltrated' Palmer United...

Victoria election campaign enters final day

Joyce says Liberals, not Nationals, responsible for defending SPC

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Billionaire media mogul seeks to lead Quebec separatists

Namibians cast ballots in Africa's first e-vote

Lambie to make decision on PUP split

Nigeria security agents raid opposition office

Candidates vote in Tunisia

Namibia prepares for Africa's first e-vote

Who will failed nuclear talks hurt most?

France's Sarkozy wants EU to lose half its powers

Adams insults Protestant party in N. Ireland govt

Spain's poll-topping Podemos tones down radical plans in manifesto

Canadian media mogul joins race to lead Quebec separatists

Joyce says Liberals, not Nationals, responsible for defending SPC

Mexico's left faces problems as leader quits

Anti-government protest in Albania's capital

Namibia votes in election favoring ruling party

Romania PM loses coalition ally after election defeat

New Israeli party born amid talk of early election

Spain backs anti-graft laws as Rajoy tries to clean party image

Zimbabwe vice president on the brink of losing party position

Sarkozy hopes to crush party rivals in French come-back test