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Colorado cinema gunman's mother prays for son to be spared death penalty

Defense moves into spotlight in Boston Marathon bombing trial

Boston bombing defense rests after detailing brother's research

Boston bombing jury sees mock bombs, victim autopsy photos

For some, regret lingers years after girl's running death

Prosecutors turn to stepmother in girl's running death

Boston bombing jury hears of grisly deaths, defense calls first witness

Fetus debate looms following charges in womb-cutting case

Jail for Focarelli stabber

Captors jailed for NSW regime of fear

Bundaberg man jailed for flood appeal fraud

Paul McCartney writes in support of Pussy Riot

Ex-elite sportsman jailed over child sex

Man jailed for possession of exploitation material

Drug trafficker sentenced over 63 kilogram haul

Swanbourne man sentenced over child abuse

Accountant jailed for $1 million fraud

Lawyer: Is boy mature enough to aid murder defense

Jill Meagher killer was on parole for rape

Cancer, rape fraud case bowls over Mich. community

Carr urged to oppose PNG death penalty

Mother jailed for bashing 2yo daughter

Ex-Fink jailed for firearms offences

OJ to get Vegas court hearing on bid for new trial

NSW man gets 28yrs for 'execution' killing

New claims against Vic pedophile priest

Seven years in jail for raping 2yo girl

Man once sentenced to death sent back to jail

Man walks free after Sydney guard death

Texas executes man for 1990 fatal shooting, rape

Israeli planes strike Gaza after rocket fire

Colorado governor orders audit of inmate records

Boyfriend jailed for 33 years for Jazmin bashing murder

Former judge James Wood to head review into Terrence Leary's release on...

Corby must admit her guilt to win parole

Jury gets case in Ohio's Craigslist murder trial

Skaf brothers lose NSW court bid over rape

Israelis plan to press Obama to free convicted spy

Police forces on alert for 'dangerous' jail escapee

Grief still smolders 10 years after RI club fire

Ex-cop gets one year jail over tip-offs

Birnie loses latest parole bid

Troubled prison time for Colo suspect

Sentencing postponed in Ohio Craigslist killings

Drink driver jailed for best mate's death

Arsonist gets death for Calif. fire that killed 5

NSW surgeon appeals drugs session sentence

Colorado governor a friend of paroled inmate's dad

Parole system set for more reforms

Man loses appeal over rape of 83-year-old

Taxi driver jailed for inciting child sex

Charity set up after RI fire has had modest effect

Wife killer jailed for 16 years in Sydney

Terrorists with Western links a growing threat

Man jailed for setting boss' home alight

Birnie sentence decision after WA election

Pa. ex-pastor convicted of murdering his 2nd wife

Victims jockey to maximize refunds in PFGBest case

Convicted Pa. pastor faces trial in 1st wife death

Driver jailed for killing passenger in crash

Sex offender, Kan. talent scout accused of rape

Guilty Hinch facing jail for contempt