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French parliament euthanasia debate draws protest

Mariupol vigil

Thousands of Spaniards protest proposed security law

Thai ex-PM Yingluck impeached and facing criminal charges

Thai ex-PM impeached, faces charges

Banks need to be more flexible when lending to farmers: Opposition Leader...

EU suspends some aid to Guyana over parliament suspension

Japan Abe says will strive to achieve economic revival, fiscal reform

British government seeks vote on plain cigarette packaging

Thai parliament votes to impeach Yingluck

Portuguese parliament votes against gay couples adopting

Tunisia's Islamist Ennahda party rejects Essid cabinet

Tunisia lawmakers delay tight confidence vote on new govt

Britain announces new powers for Scotland, edges toward federalism

Britain announces new powers for Scotland, edges towards federalism

French junior minister says no Greek debt forgiveness

Tunisia premier in talks after parties reject cabinet

Afghan parliament rejects cabinet nominees over dual citizenship

Ban from politics will violate my basic rights: Thai PM

Exit poll shows Greece's Syriza with strong lead in election

Libyan rival parliament suspends UN peace talks

Harper Aims at Canada Taxes and Crime in Pre-Election Parliament

Iran's foreign minister summoned to parliament over walk with Kerry

Canada to unveil new security legislation after 2014 attacks - PM Stephen...

Iran: US sanctions vote will kill 'probability' of nuke deal

Parliament bid to block fracking in Britain fails

Canada's new anti-terror bill to fill legal gaps: safety minister

Police clash with Congo protesters for third day, government says 15 dead

Canada to unveil new security legislation after 2014 attacks: PM

Nepal lawmakers to vote on charter despite opposition fury

Ukraine moves to shut Russia-backed rebels out of talks

Anti-graft watchdog slams Turkish corruption vote

Election measure being withdrawn after Congo unrest