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Armenian president says ready to restart reconciliation with Turkey

On 100th anniversary, German president condemns Turkish 'genocide' against...

Turkey says Austrian accusation of Armenian genocide damages ties...

UK's Cameron in English tax pledge

Modi land bill delayed amid rising anger in rural India

Labour has 2 point lead ahead of election - YouGov poll for Sunday Times

Labour maintains one point lead over Conservatives - YouGov

Armenia marks massacre centenary

Extremist past mars makeover of France's far-right party

Xi hails Pakistan security help in west China Pakistan vows more

Pro-Kurdish party vows to be 'nightmare' for Turkey's Erdogan

German lawmakers call massacre of Armenians 'genocide', defying Turkey

German president labels Armenian killings as genocide

China overhauling IPO process, mulls foreign firms listing: report

India's enigmatic Gandhi fires up opposition at farmers rally

Chinese president applauds Pakistan's anti-terror efforts

South Korea's prime minister offers to quit amid bribery scandal

Protest held in Ethiopia over killings by Islamic extremists

Conservatives take four point lead over Labour - Survation poll

Labour and Conservatives remain close in YouGov poll

Labour two points ahead of Conservatives - Populus

Israel grapples with whether to recognize Armenian genocide

Conservatives take one point lead over Labour in YouGov poll - Sun...

Labour takes 2-point lead over Conservatives - YouGov poll

Labour leads Conservatives by 1 point ahead of vote - YouGov

Labour two points ahead of Conservatives in TNS pre-election poll

Labour hold three point lead over Conservatives - Panelbase poll

Spain's latest political upstart rides high on message of moderation

Labour, Conservatives remain tied before election - YouGov poll

Second poll gives Cameron's Conservatives 4 point lead over Labour

Chinese president to launch economic corridor link in Pakistan

Armenian church canonises victims of 1915 mass killings

A century on, 103-year-old Armenian recalls rescue from mass killings

Greece's far-right Golden Dawn leaders snub court as criminal trial begins

Migrants a major challenge for EU

Armenian church canonizes victims of 1915 mass killings

China's Xi Jinping arrives in Islamabad

Italian PM urges EU to play larger role in preventing migrant trafficking

EU executive body wants member states to rule on GM crop ban

German defense minister: widely used rifle has no future

Taiwan ruling party says chief to meet China's Xi Jinping

Conservatives four points ahead of Labour in pre-election poll

Analysis - Migrant deaths may shame Europe over Mediterranean moat

Migrant deaths may shame Europe over Mediterranean moat

New Urgency in Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

Special Report: British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

Special Report - British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

As Armenia marks 1915 massacre, Berlin calls it genocide

Truce tenuous as Ukraine leader tackles economy, oligarchs

Analysis - Barring economic slump, Europe's populists may be peaking

Draft security law raises concerns about rights in new Tunisia

U.S. fears new Greek law may ease guerrilla's jail terms

Leading Ukraine politician says billionaire inciting unrest

Sri Lanka ex-president Rajapaksa refuses to attend anti-graft body

Amended China law curbs tobacco ads in land of smokers

Italian opposition step up fight against Renzi's electoral reform

FIFA and UEFA threaten Greece with suspension over new law

Argentine prosecutor dismisses case against president

U.S. designates jailed Greek guerrilla members as terrorists